automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.12.0
Set UPDATING file release date for 1.12.0.
Make mutt.texi and mutt.info generation continue on failure.

Add warning messages, noting the appropriate packages to install.

Note: mutt.texi won't normally be built unless configure finds one of
the possible expected conversion program names.  Unfortunately, the
canonical name, "docbook2texi", is used by both the docbook2x and
docbook-utils projects.

So on Arch, the canonical name is what we need, while on Debian and
Red Hat/Fedora it isn't.  We search for the alternative names first,
but it's still possible to invoke the wrong program if the needed
package is not installed.
be42d1a0 — TAKAHASHI Tamotsu 1 year, 14 days ago
Updated Japanese translation.
Adjust docbook2texi program search.

Look for db2x_docbook2texi first, because Fedora/Red Hat has their own
version of "docbook2texi": db2x_docbook2texi.  I'm not sure what to do
if they have don't have that installed but have docbook2texi
installed, since this is a terrible name collision.

Thanks to Moritz Barsnick for pointing out the different binary (and
package) names on Fedora.
Update gpgme and gpg-error automake checks.

Pull updated autoconf files from the GPGME 1.13.0 release and use
those new macros.

Add a call to AM_PATH_GPG_ERROR() and include $(GPG_ERROR_LIBS) in the

Thanks to Eike Rathke for finding the build problem, and for his
patch fixing the issue.  I opted for just grabbing the newest autoconf
files from gpgme instead, but his fixed worked great too.
cc8a201f — Ivan Vilata i Balaguer 1 year, 19 days ago
Updated Catalan translation.
3b6f6b82 — Vincent Lefevre 1 year, 19 days ago
Avoid undefined behavior on huge integer in a RFC 2231 header.

The atoi() function was called on the index, which can potentially
be huge in an invalid message and can yield undefined behavior. The
mutt_atoi() function is now used for error detection.
Add a "backticks in double quotes" example to the manual.
Fix sample muttrc to use better quoting practices.

Use single quotes in the password encryption example.

For password decryption, put the backquotes inside double quotes to
avoid special characters being re-interpreted.
79563636 — Vincent Lefevre 1 year, 21 days ago
fr.po: updated Project-Id-Version for the 1.12 release
f3eb92f0 — Petr Pisar 1 year, 22 days ago
Updated Czech translation.
Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
831ea9c5 — Morten Bo Johansen 1 year, 24 days ago
Updated Danish translation.
7e713495 — Vsevolod Volkov 1 year, 24 days ago
Updated Russian translation
33eeaeec — Vsevolod Volkov 1 year, 24 days ago
Updated Ukrainian translation
ce6e1db0 — Olaf Hering 1 year, 24 days ago
Update de.po

Unwrap lines, because it is 2019.

Signed-off-by: Olaf Hering <olaf@aepfle.de>
Check for NULL addresses in mutt_addrcmp().

While looking into ticket #140, I noticed default_to() could pass a
NULL env->from to mutt_addrcmp() if $reply_self is set and there is a
reply_to address.
Add note about %r for the pgp_list_*_command vars.

In this case %r is the list of search strings.
Change sample muttrc path to match other manual references.

The other parts of the manual refer to /usr/local/share/doc in their
examples.  For consistency, change the starter muttrc and manual entry
to do the same.

In the future, we may wish to have a config variable instead, so users
don't have to worry about system vs locally installed paths when
sourcing the gpg.rc, for instance.