ref: mutt-1-11-4-rel mutt/group.c -rw-r--r-- 4.3 KiB
merge default into stable
Change "allow_dups" into a flag at hash creation.

Instead of having an "allow_dups" parameter for hash_insert(), add a
flag, MUTT_HASH_ALLOW_DUPS, to hash_create().

Currently ReverseAlias, subj_hash, and thread_hash allow duplicate
keys.  Change those hashes to pass the flag at creation, and remove
the last parameter from all callers of hash_insert().
d8823b90 — Rocco Rutte 12 years ago
Fix some issues with ungroup [...] *
5f7e56f4 — Rocco Rutte 12 years ago
Implement ungroup command. Closes #3304.
018bfb52 — Rocco Rutte 12 years ago
Prune empty address groups when preparing replies. Closes #2875.
Remove unused #include directives
85e3a1a4 — Emanuele Giaquinta 12 years ago
Make some functions static.
73879187 — Brendan Cully 14 years ago
Merge flea restore
503d12ff — Rocco Rutte 15 years ago
Avoid safe_free() usage and add security checks

Add checks to check_sec.sh for memory functions.

These include a check for use of safe_free() instead of FREE() and a
check whether FREE(&...) is used.

For the former, __SAFE_FREE_CHECKED__ is to be used, for the latter
__FREE_CHECKED__ to avoid messages from check_sec.sh
6b77e38b — Thomas Roessler 15 years ago
Adding pattern group support; see
for instructions.  The ungroup command is not yet implemented,
and documentation is lacking.