Fix attach-file tag operation to work when quitting browser.

There was a disconnect between the compose menu and the behavior when
selecting multiple files.  The select_file() operation populates the
files and numfiles when hitting 'quit'.  The compose menu was
incorrectly looking at the fname parameter, which won't be populated
unless the user presses enter.

The enter_string() menu makes the same mistake.  Change it to behave
differently depending on whether multiple is set.

The logic needs to be made clearer by changing the api.  I will do
that in the next commit.
Merge branch 'stable'
Document my release process.

The old script contents is for mercurial so remove it.

My process is not automated, but at least write it down.
Merge branch 'stable'
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.14.1
Fix sidebar_sort_method usage in documentation
e78d2b4f — Vincent Lefevre a month ago
Updated French translation.
Add Autocrypt error messages when trying to force send.

If the account doesn't exist, or isn't enabled, display a message back
in the compose menu.
Change mailto handling to parse in-reply-to loosely.

To fix ticket 241 without loosening in-reply-to email header parsing,
add a direct call to mutt_parse_references().  Change the second
parameter, which was not used, to indicate "allow nonbracketed" mode.
Adjust message-id extraction to retry more permissively on failure.

It turns out some illegal message-id headers have neither angle
brackets nor even an '@' in them.  So adopt a different approach.

First try parsing the Message-ID header in a strict(ish) mode
requiring angle brackets.  If that returns nothing, then try again in
loose mode, which will basically grab the first non-comment token.

Change References and In-Reply-To to keep the strict(ish) mode.  We
might loose some parent references, but that won't cause much loss of
functionality in Mutt, and also helps prevents parsing in "garbage"
and passing that back in replies.

Thanks to Oswald Buddenhagen for the suggested approach.
Loosen message-id parser to parse ids without angle brackets.

To do this, we need to enhance the loop to skip over comments.  It
does this using the rfc822 address parse_comment() routine.

Keep parsing inside angle brackets non-strict, because of the history
of trac tickets (1116, 1935, 3090) demonstrating message-ids with
spaces inside the angle brackets, double-'@'s, or even completely
missing '@'.

However, in order to reduce the risk of extracting garbage, insist
that message-id's outside of angle brackets at least have an '@'.

Automatically add missing angle brackets so that Mutt will generate
valid references/in-reply-to headers.
ba2430af — Vincent Lefevre a month ago
Update section "Terminal Keybindings" in the manual.

Also list ^Q, ^S and ^Z.
Note that not all bindings output by "stty -a" affect Mutt.
Add a brief section on stty to the manual.

Place it at the bottom of the keybindings section.  It's by no means
complete, but may be helpful to point some beginners in the right
Separate mailbox vs buffy-incoming for the "enter_fname" functions.

Create mutt_buffer_enter_mailbox(), which turns on the MUTT_MAILBOX
flag (renamed from MUTT_EFILE).  This uses the mailbox history file
category, and turns on MUTT_SEL_FOLDER in the select_file browser.

Add a do_incoming paramter and a new separate flag MUTT_INCOMING, so
that buffy-completion can be enabled optionally for mailboxes.  It
only makes sense for the change-folder operation, so disable it in
other contexts (such as saving/copying a message, prompting for an Fcc
mailbox, or an autocrypt scan mailbox).

Change saving/copying a message to use the mailbox function, so that
it shares the history file with other mailbox operations.  It would
previously use the "file" history category.

Create mutt_buffer_enter_filenames() to replace the enter_fname()
prompt for files.

Since nothing directly uses the _mutt_buffer_enter_fname() function
anymore, rename and make it static.
Remove unused mutt_enter_fname() functions.

All the callers use the buffer version.
Merge branch 'stable'
b4936342 — Vincent Lefevre 2 months ago
Add missing blank lines in ChangeLog due to buggy update-changelog.
274b1c5a — Vincent Lefevre 2 months ago
Fix update-changelog rule (missing blank line in generated ChangeLog).
Set AM_DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS to allow make distcheck to run.

Add the '--with-homespool' flag, to allow it to run as non-root.