mutt/pgpmicalg.c -rw-r--r-- 4.4 KiB
Convert pgp_find_hash to use buffer pool.
Clean up code indentation.

These are mostly automated changes corresponding to the emacs
  (c-set-style "linux")
  (setq c-basic-offset 2)
  (c-set-offset 'case-label '+)

Most of the code follows the convention:
  (add-to-list 'c-cleanup-list 'space-before-funcall)
but this is not enforced by this indentation cleanup.

Also, I personally dislike tabs, so I have:
  (setq-default indent-tabs-mode nil)
in my own configuration.  However I have no desire to change every line
just for that effect.  So this cleanup does nothing about the mix issue.

Some of the secondary files (e.g. regex.c) have been skipped.

I've also skipped crypt-gpgme.c, because I need to think about that
file.  Werner Koch and the GnuPG team contributed most it, and it
follows the Gnu indentation settings.  It should probably be made
uniform with Mutt, but I don't want to discourage future GnuPG
contribution to the file.

I manually reverted a few unsightly cleanups, and added a few tweeks
when I saw things that could be improved.
Remove trailing whitespace.

The result of
  find . -name "*.[ch]" -exec emacs -batch {} \
    --eval="(progn (delete-trailing-whitespace) (and (buffer-modified-p) (save-buffer)))" \;
05df9d08 — Dan Fandrich 9 years ago
Declare many structures const (closes #3552)

Many structs used in mutt are actually constant but are defined
without the 'const' keyword. This can slow initialization (slightly)
in some environments due to extra copying and increases the amount of
writable RAM required at run-time, which can be significant on non-MMU
systems. Using const can also increase the opportunities for compiler

The attached patch marks many such structures as const. On my test x86
build, this reduces the size of .data by over 50%.
9dcf475e — Rocco Rutte 11 years ago
Pass buffer size to mutt_mktemp()
Remove unused #include directives
73879187 — Brendan Cully 13 years ago
Merge flea restore
58d022af — David Shaw 14 years ago
RFC-2440bis adds support for the SHA-224 hash algorithm.
57b2680e — Brendan Cully 15 years ago
Full large file support. Keep a close watch on your mailboxes everyone!
598b64e3 — Brendan Cully 15 years ago
Gah, forgot the zip code when updating the FSF address...
be640e06 — Brendan Cully 15 years ago
Update FSF address (via sed, I hope nothing got mangled). Closes: #2071.
f6dcd957 — Brendan Cully 16 years ago
Add config.h to the top of every C file that could possibly want it.
Remove it from mutt.h
5ca4061d — David Shaw 18 years ago
3156 defined several micalg values (pgp-md5, pgp-sha1, etc.)  Since
then, three more hashes have been assigned numbers in 2440bis.  Here
is a patch to add values for pgp-sha256, pgp-sha384, and pgp-sha512 so
mutt can properly handle them.
fe573eb9 — Thomas Roessler 20 years ago
Auto-detect the micalg used with PGP/MIME signatures.