mutt/mutt_regex.h -rw-r--r-- 1.6 KiB
Remove trailing whitespace.

The result of
  find . -name "*.[ch]" -exec emacs -batch {} \
    --eval="(progn (delete-trailing-whitespace) (and (buffer-modified-p) (save-buffer)))" \;
Merge branch 'stable'
Rename _regex.h to _mutt_regex.h to avoid name collision on Macs.

On Macs, <regex.h> includes <_regex.h>.  Because Mutt defines '-I .'
during compilation, our bundled version of _regex.h was being used
instead of the system one.

I have no idea how it managed to work before, but starting in Xcode
9.3, the differences in struct size and fields started to produce a
crash and other strange behavior.

The real issue is our use of '-I .' during compilation, which allows
our local headers to override system ones.  An easier fix for now is
to rename the header.

Many thanks to Charles Diza, Christian Ebert, and Fabian Groffen for
their help trying things out and helping to debug the problem.

Also, a huge thanks to Steve Karmeinsky for allowing me to ssh in to
his Mac so I could track down the underlying issue.
Add $abort_noattach and $abort_noattach_regexp options.

$abort_noattach_regexp is matched against the body of a message.  If
so, the $abort_noattach quadoption is used to prompt whether to abort

Thanks to Antonio Radici for bringing the original version of the
patch to our attention, which he pulled from

This version was rewritten to use a regexp, to fix a few issues, and
to better fit in with Mutt styles and conventions.
73879187 — Brendan Cully 13 years ago
Merge flea restore
598b64e3 — Brendan Cully 15 years ago
Gah, forgot the zip code when updating the FSF address...
be640e06 — Brendan Cully 15 years ago
Update FSF address (via sed, I hope nothing got mangled). Closes: #2071.
9f1f8277 — Thomas Roessler 17 years ago
Turn alternates, lists, and subscribe into regular expression lists.
94e1c281 — Thomas Roessler 18 years ago
Fix Mike's and my e-mail addresses in copyright lines.
d1970350 — Thomas Roessler 21 years ago
The FSF apparently has moved.
e1f150d1 — Thomas Roessler 21 years ago
Update copyright notices for unstable.
bf5a2712 — Thomas Roessler 21 years ago
William Feavish's GECOS regexp patch.
bb5d9a28 — Thomas Roessler 22 years ago
Get rid of RCS ids in source files.  They are getting in our way
when merging changes.
d02b2498 — Thomas Roessler 22 years ago
[unstable] Merge changes from stable: rx -> regex, Byrial's timezone
patch, translation updates.
d1e04a3c — Thomas Roessler 22 years ago
Add RCS $Id$ strings to (hopefully) all source files.
e2096756 — Thomas Roessler 22 years ago
Liviu Daia's smiley patch.
1a5381e0 — Thomas Roessler 22 years ago
Initial revision