Fix up mailboxes documentation synopsis.

Specify the flags as type "option", instead of as parameters.
Add -label and -nopoll arguments to mailboxes command

-nopoll allows adding the mailbox to the sidebar, or the mailbox
browser menu, without incurring polling costs.

-poll can be used to re-enable polling for a previously disabled

-label allows specifying an alternative string to show in the sidebar
and mailbox browser menu.

-nolabel removes a label from an existing mailbox.

Change $sidebar_sort_method so that "alpha" and "name" will sort by
the label if specified.  "path", however, will always sort by the
actual mailbox path.
Minor sidebar HilIndex and redraw cleanup.

Ensure HilIndex is reset to -1 if all mailboxes are hidden, preventing
<sidebar-open> from opening a hidden mailbox in that case.

Previously, draw_sidebar() would still be triggered in that case,
causing an empty loop to run and trailing space to be drawn.  But with
this change TopIndex and BottomIndex will still be -1 in that case.

Change the prepare_sidebar() return value to check if HilIndex is set,
and if mutt_sb_draw() to clear out in that case.
Add sidebar-first and sidebar-last functions.
Merge branch 'stable'
Fix use-after-free in mutt_str_replace().

The Outlook content-type fix in commit 4cec4b63 inadvertantly
introduced a use-after-free.  Calling mutt_set_parameter() pointing to
a different part of the same string ends up calling mutt_str_replace()
with both parameters pointing to the same hunk of memory.

Improve mutt_str_replace() to deal with that case, to fix this bug and
prevent possible future bugs resulting from that mistake.

Thank you to Vita Batrla for the excellent bug report and patch.  I
merely added a comment and removed the "SAFE_FREE comment" from his
Clarify PGP Pseudo-header S<id> duration.

Due to the background edit changes, S<id> values are now assigned to
the send-context, not to $pgp_sign_as.  The duration of the change is
no longer permanent.
Fix typo "delimeter".
Add $fcc_delimiter, to allow multiple Fcc mailboxes.

The variable defaults unset, to prevent breaking anyone's

If set to a value, such as ",", $record and fcc-hook may list multiple
mailboxes separated by the delimiter.  Mutt will tokenize and
expand/prettify each separate mailbox.  At Fcc time, it will loop
through trying to save to each mailbox.

This patch introduces a bit more uglyness into init.c, which has to
special-process for $record in a few places.  I don't like that, but I
believe the feature is important enough to allow for the one-off
behavior hack, because we are constrained by backwards compatibility.

Add documentation notes about the resulting issues with '<' mailbox
shortcut expansion, and with fcc-save-hook processing.  It is
recommended to use fcc-hook to set multiple mailboxes in those cases
Add $folder to send scope.

It's hard to know where to draw the line on scope variables, but
$folder seems likely to change across "account switches" and will
affect Fcc pretty_mailbox and expansion.  The user can also manually
change Fcc from the compose menu.

If spoolfile or infile complaints come in, I can add that, but I'm not
convinced those will commonly be an issue for sending emails.
Convert progress and socket_poll millis to unsigned long long.

64-bit platforms should already be using a 64-bit tv_sec, so we should
use the same for the millis values.
Change mutt_FormatString() data parameter to type void *.

All invocations pass a pointer parameter.  Perhaps at one point this
was like the init.h combined usage.  But as with that, using an
unsigned long is incorrect, and we've been lucky to get away with it.
Since we don't need a union, just change it to void * to properly size
the parameter.
Merge branch 'stable'
Fix format string parameters.

crypt-gpgme and pgpkey $pgp_entry_format optional expando processing
passed the wrong function parameter.  So did remailer for
e13e84f0 — Zero King 22 days ago
Remove unreachable code
Fix for $recall part 2.

Fix the sctx->flags check further below too.  Now that
SENDBACKGROUNDEDIT is added, a direct comparison is incorrect.
Fix $recall prompting.

The background-edit added a flag for the <mail> operation, so the
previous test for !flags now always fails.

I don't see a more elegant fix, other than changing it to match
SENDBACKGROUNDEDIT, plus the existing test for sctx->msg being NULL.

Add a comment because the flag test is confusing otherwise.
Add $status_format 'B' expando for backgrounded count.

Add "%?B? Back:%B?" to the default $status_format.

Rather than iterating ProcessList for each status bar refresh, just
add a counter in background.c.
Update send_ctx comment about the cur field.
Add %i to $background_format.

This will show the parent message id for replies and forwarded