Reset SIGPIPE signal handler in child process before exec().

Ignored signals, such as SIGPIPE in Mutt, are inherited by child
processes.  This can cause incorrect behavior in filter-like programs
that expect SIGPIPE to be the default value of "Term".

A couple other places in Mutt already reset SIGTERM, SIGTSTP, and
SIGCONT, with a comment mentioning it really wasn't necessary.  Since
I don't much like messing with signals, I'll leave those resets in.

Extract those plus SIGPIPE into a new function,
mutt_reset_child_signals() and add that before each exec call.

Thanks to Vincent Lefèvre for reporting the issue and for the initial
patch, which this commit is based upon.
9155c657 — Rene Kita 7 days ago
Add $pager_skip_quoted_context option.

Using <skip-quoted> the first unquoted line becomes the new top line
displayed in the pager. This leaves the user with no context to know
what the answer refers to.

Add an option to keep some lines of context when using <skip-quoted>.

With $pager_skip_quoted_context set to 5, <skip-quoted> will show at
most 5 lines of the previous quote. If the previous quote is shorter
than 5 lines the whole quote will be displayed.

This option defaults to 0 to remain backwards compatible.
4595cdb6 — Vincent Lefevre 3 days ago
Updated French translation.
Suggested translation changes.

These were forwarded to mutt-po by Helge Kreutzmann, from his
translation team.

I've added comments to a couple places where the meaning was unclear.
Merge branch 'stable'
Fix getkeybyaddr() debug output.

Add a NONULL wrapper and a newline at the end.
Directly add full mailbox to GPG search hints.

The code previously called (crypt/pgp)_add_string_to_hints(), which
performs a strtok() using " ,.:\"()<>\n" and discards parts of size 3
or less.

This makes sense for personal fields, and random "stuff" entered in
the getkeybystr() prompt.  But it doesn't make a lot of sense for the

There's no advantage I can see in chopping off and discarding the
domain name for getting more relevant results.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't bother fixing this, but in ticket 354 someone
is experimenting with alternative backends, and they would like the
full email address listed in the hints.
9629d5d6 — Ivan Vilata i Balaguer 7 days ago
Update Catalan translation.
automatic post-release commit for mutt-2.1.0
Update UPDATING file for 2.1.0 release.
0b2be236 — Vsevolod Volkov 13 days ago
Updated Russian translation.
6b458ebd — Vsevolod Volkov 13 days ago
Updated Ukrainian translation.
Minor UPDATING file fixes.
Mention <browse-mailboxes> in the new-mail documentation.

Add to the sentence mentioning '-y'.
6a7f32a6 — Grzegorz Szymaszek 17 days ago
Update the Polish translation for Mutt 2.1
732efe2e — Petr Písař 20 days ago
Update Czech translatation for mutt-2.1.0
f0a64564 — Helge Kreutzmann 21 days ago
Update de.po.
b37d5aa1 — Helge Kreutzmann 21 days ago
Update de.po.
Revert "Update de.po."

This reverts commit e450615f5b0a77539916d9e8542c9a64bca73c09.

Author was not properly attributed.  Will reapply with author set.
Update de.po.