Fix trash_append to use ctx parameter instead of Context.

In all current cases, an open context with deleted messages will be
"Context", but it's incorrect to not use the parameter.
Merge branch 'stable'
Fix new option order in the manual.

I actually intended to push commit abfaa0e0 to a remote branch, but
accidentally ended up pushing it to stable. :-O

Anyway, I think the option is okay, but may have to tweek it a bit.
This fixes a mistake where it was placed out of order in init.h.
Merge branch 'stable'
Add $sidebar_use_mb_shortcuts to turn off shortcuts.

If unset, Mutt will revert to pre-1.13 display behavior, matching and
removing a literal $folder prefix, without using mailbox shortcuts.
Mention $imap_qresync and $imap_deflate in performance tuning.

Leave some breadcrumbs for the brave. :-)
Add mutt_zstrm.c to

There aren't any translations in the file, but it should be added just
in case.
Merge branch 'stable'
Minor documentation fixes.
Minor isodate fixes.

Make sure the year isn't negative if they type something crazy.

Don't use unitialized p for the month error message.  Ideally we would
either use %d or provide a better error message.  But I think it's
enough to just print out the full string for now.  Non-iso dates do
that for day-of-month for example.
Adding ISO 8601 calendar date, closes #105.

This adds support for date in YYYYMMDD, ISO8601 calendar date formatting.
Add USE_ZLIB to makedoc-defs.h so imap_deflate manual is generated.
Fix copyright header in mutt_zstrm.[ch]

In <>
Fabian noticed that he copied the header file as a template but forgot
to adjust the copyright line at the top to himself.

Also, adjust the formats in both to match the rest of mutt, so the
copyright updater script will work properly.
Fixes and cleanup for imap deflate patch.

Rework mutt_zstrm_read():
- Pass along the error if conn_read() returns < 0.
- Separate out conn_eof and stream_eof flags so they can be dealt
  with differently.
- Don't use Z_FINISH on conn_eof, because the passed in buf might
  not be big enough to hold the decompressed output.  Instead continue
  looping until either Z_STREAM_END or Z_BUF_ERROR.
- Remove recursive calls to retry, instead goto 'retry' target.
- Remove op statements in malloc/free.
- Bail on other rcs.  Mutt doesn't check errno on a read error, so
  lump all other error codes into a -1 return value.  Use default so
  we handle other weird stuff such as Z_NEED_DICT or Z_STREAM_ERROR

Convert $imap_deflate to boolean, default unset. fixes:
- Fix indentation
- Remove unneeded AM_CONDITIONAL.
- Don't restore LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS.  Save and restore LIBS instead.

imap_conn_find() fixes:
- Don't queue CAPABILITY command.  (This mistake has been in there
  since UTF-8 and QRESYNC were added.).
- Check imap_exec() returns 0 before wrapping.  Even with FAIL_OK set,
  the imap_exec() can still return -1 on some errors.
136ae0ad — Fabian Groffen 28 days ago
imap: add support for COMPRESS=DEFLATE, RFC 4978

- added mutt_zstrm which allows wrapping an existing connection with
  deflate/inflate (zlib compression)
- call mutt_zstrm_wrap_conn when setting up an IMAP connection if the
  server supports COMPRESSION=DEFLATE and imap_deflate evaluates to yes
- add config quad-option imap_deflate enable/disable use of
  (de)compression for IMAP connections, defaulting to yes
- add configure check for zlib, --with-zlib to detect if mutt_zstrm can
  (or should) be built

Tested against a Dovecot IMAP server, observed easily 7x compression
rates on received data, and 5x on sent data for a normal session.  Rates
can be observed when the connection is closed on debug level 4 and

automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.13.0
Set UPDATING file release date for 1.13.0.
Change "Prf Enc" to "Prf Encr".

Make the abbreviation a bit clearer, that it means Encryption instead
of Encoding.

Thanks to Morten Bo Johansen for the suggestion.
c6845bd1 — Olaf Hering 10 days ago
Update de.po

Sync from mutt.pot after 'make update-po'

Signed-off-by: Olaf Hering <>
e8214c87 — Tamotsu TAKAHASHI 11 days ago
Update copyright year