Allow ~b ~B ~h patterns in send2-hook.

This allows searching the message body or headers for making
configuration settings.

Right now, this only searches the primary message content.  I don't
think it would be useful to search attachments, but if I'm wrong we
can add iteration later.
Rename smime oppenc mode parameter to get_keys_by_addr().

Make it the same as with pgpkey.c and crypt-gpgme.c, to remove
confusion in the future about this (as I had briefly).

This is also needed because the
$crypt_opportunistic_encrypt_strong_keys logic added to smime.c relies
on the "may_ask" parameter being a reflection of oppenc mode, not just
a "quiet" mode.
Add $crypt_opportunistic_encrypt_strong_keys config var.

When set, this modifies $crypt_opportunistic_encrypt to only search
for "strong" keys (fully valid keys according to the web of trust).

S/MIME behavior depends on the backend.
Merge branch 'stable'
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.13.3
Update UPDATING file for 1.13.3 release.
Merge branch 'stable'
Update copyrights to 2020.
Convert hcachever.sh.in to hcachever.pl.

Use Digest::MD5 to remove build-time dependency on mutt_md5, for
cross-compilation support.
Merge branch 'stable'
Fix crash when polling a closed ssl connection.

Commit 8353407c enabled checking for buffered OpenSSL/GnuTLS data when
polling, but neglected to check if the connection was already closed.

This can be triggered during imap_logout() if the connection write of
"LOGOUT" fails and closes the connection, before the poll.  It's a bit
tricky to trigger because imap_logout_all() checks for a closed
connection, so the failure needs to take place at that last write.

Thanks to Stefan Sperling for pointing out the problem, complete with
a backtrace and patch.  (This commit takes a different approach for a
stable-branch fix.)
Convert makedoc.c to makedoc.pl.

This removes the build-time dependency on a compiled program, which
doesn't work for cross-compilation.

My perl is pretty rusty, and the result isn't super pretty.  However,
since perl is already a build dependency, it made the most sense to
use that.  The output of Muttrc, muttrc.man, and manual.xml match.

There might be a few bugs, so I'm going to leave makedoc.c in for now
as a reference.
Merge branch 'stable'
Turn off auto-clear outside of autocrypt initialization.

The auto-clearing code was added in commit 01bc088c, for autocrypt
initial prompting.  It removed having to keep track of every place a
browser or other menu might be displayed and having to remember to
clear it out.

However, clearing when mutt exits is a change of behavior for those
who have turned off alternative screens.
162e6088 — Marek Marczykowski-G√≥recki a month ago
Add protected-headers="v1" to Content-Type when protecting headers

This is optional part of the draft RFC, marked with "FIXME":

    * FIXME: Enigmail adds "protected-headers="v1"" parameter to
      "payload" here. Is this necessary?

The answer is: for Enigmail yes. Otherwise it ignores protected headers
and use the envelope headers. This results in all the emails listed with
"..." subject, which isn't very helpful.

Since the user can disable protected headers while in the compose menu
(after potentially failed send), remove the attribute if protected
headers are disabled.
b2c7aad8 — Olaf Hering a month ago
Update de.po

Signed-off-by: Olaf Hering <olaf@aepfle.de>
Merge branch 'stable'
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.13.2
Merge branch 'stable'
Revert "Fixes unchecked return from link() in dotlock.c"

This reverts commit 317b7f6b53d8a4272acf8ef1b56f3406e9bc2691.