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Remove message-id security leaks section of manual.

The message-id generator has been changed to use a combination of time
and random components for the left side.
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@@ 10697,25 10697,6 @@ via the <link linkend="tmpdir">$tmpdir</link> variable.
<sect1 id="security-leaks">
<title>Information Leaks</title>

<sect2 id="security-leaks-mid">
<title>Message-Id: headers</title>

Message-Id: headers contain a local part that is to be created in a
unique fashion. In order to do so, Mutt will <quote>leak</quote> some
information to the outside world when sending messages: the generation
of this header includes a step counter which is increased (and rotated)
with every message sent. Other parts include the date, time, PID of mutt,
and <link linkend="hostname">$hostname</link>.
In a longer running mutt session, others can
make assumptions about your mailing habits depending on the number of
messages sent. If this is not desired, the header can be manually
provided using <link linkend="edit-headers">$edit_headers</link> (though
not recommended).


<sect2 id="security-leaks-mailto">
<title><literal>mailto:</literal>-style Links</title>