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2017-09-22 11:14 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (19c81a140c6e)

	* imap/imap.c: Add missing IMAP_CMD_POLL flag in imap buffy check.

	I missed adding the flag to one of the imap_exec() calls inside the
	loop, when a different server is encountered in the mailboxes list.

2017-09-22 11:12 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (9e53c623d102)

	* imap/command.c: Close the imap socket for the selected mailbox on

	The new $imap_poll_timeout calls the cmd_handle_fatal() error
	handler on timeout, which is supposed to close and cleanup.

	However, for the currently selected mailbox, the error handler was
	not closing the socket after closing up the mailbox. This left extra
	SSL/GnuTLS data around and was causing errors on an attempt to

	Thanks to Fabian Groffen for reporting the issue.

2017-09-22 11:07 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (7155392ed28b)

	* imap/imap.c: Fix imap sync segfault due to inactive headers during
	an expunge. (closes #3971)

	Mutt has several places where it turns off h->active as a hack. For
	example to avoid FLAG updates, or to exclude from imap_exec_msgset.

	Unfortunately, when a reopen is allowed and the IMAP_EXPUNGE_PENDING
	flag becomes set (e.g. a flag update to a modified header),
	imap_expunge_mailbox() will be called by imap_cmd_finish().

	The mx_update_tables() would free and remove these "inactive"
	headers, despite that an EXPUNGE was not received for them. This
	would result in memory leaks and segfaults due to dangling pointers
	in the msn_index and uid_hash.

	There should probably be a more elegant solution, removing the
	initial hacks. However, this is causing a segfault, and the best
	solution right now is to turn active back on for non-expunged
	messages in imap_expunge_mailbox().

	Extra thanks to chdiza, who bravely runs tip and found this issue

2017-09-14 12:43 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (12d3714d8bfa)

	* imap/command.c, imap/message.c: Improve imap fetch handler to accept
	an initial UID. (closes #3969)

	Gmail sends flag updates with a UID before the FLAGS. The handler
	was very simple, and so ignored the flag update in that case.

	Pull the code from msg_parse_fetch(), paring down to just UID and
	FLAGS. This will handle arbitrary order data items.

2017-09-13 15:48 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (f90712538cd9)

	* imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c: Change imap
	copy/save and trash to sync flags, excluding deleted. (closes #3966)
	(closes #3860)

	imap_copy_messages() uses a helper to sync the flags before
	performing a server-side copy. However, it had a bug that the
	"deleted" flag on a local message, if set, will be propagated to the
	copy too.

	Change the copy sync helper to ignore the deleted flag. Then, change
	the imap trash function to use the same helper.

	Thanks to Anton Lindqvist for his excellent bug report, suggested
	fixes, and help testing.

2017-09-13 15:48 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (19597bb7baa6)

	* imap/imap.c: Remove \Seen flag setting for imap trash. (see #3966)
	(see #3860)

	Commit 323e3d6e5e4c has a side effect where spurious FETCH flag
	updates after setting the \Seen flag can cause a sync to abort.

	Remove manually setting \Seen for all trashed message before

	The next commit will change the imap trash function to use the same
	code as the imap copy/save function for syncing the message before
	server-side copying.

2017-09-04 09:40 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (3c6f3ca07807)

	* curs_lib.c: Fix rv assignment in mutt_window_mvprintw(). (closes

	Mutt doesn't check the return value, so this wasn't causing a bug,
	but was incorrect.

	Thanks to dcb314 for reporting the issue.

2017-09-04 09:20 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (f2298b3e6b93)

	* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Fix fp resource leak. (closes #3965)

	Thanks to dcb314 for reporting the issue.

2017-09-02 12:20 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (ed024cc919fe)

	* setenv.c: merge default into stable

2017-09-02 12:12 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (a586abf3c62d)

	* .hgsigs: mutt-1.9.0 signed

2017-09-02 12:11 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (b050efec0ed4)

	* .hgtags: Added tag mutt-1-9-rel for changeset 549821ba69e5

2017-09-02 11:32 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (549821ba69e5)

	* ChangeLog, VERSION, po/bg.po, po/ca.po, po/cs.po, po/da.po,
	po/de.po, po/el.po, po/eo.po, po/es.po, po/et.po, po/eu.po,
	po/fr.po, po/ga.po, po/gl.po, po/hu.po, po/id.po, po/it.po,
	po/ja.po, po/ko.po, po/lt.po, po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/pt_BR.po,
	po/ru.po, po/sk.po, po/sv.po, po/tr.po, po/uk.po, po/zh_CN.po,
	po/zh_TW.po: automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.9.0

2017-09-02 09:36 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us>  (3cd63d517453)

	* po/cs.po, po/eo.po, po/nl.po: Fix the new certificate prompt

@@ 8,6 8,10 @@ http://www.mutt.org/doc/manual/
The keys used are:
  !: modified feature, -: deleted feature, +: new feature

1.9.1 (2017-09-23):

  ! Bug fix release.

1.9.0 (2017-09-02):

  + $ssl_verify_partial_chains permits verifying partial certificate chains.

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