43f2270cee008f0e53ab2fff48b42b2acc582d46 — Kevin McCarthy 2 months ago f42ee06 mutt-1-13-5-rel
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.13.5
2 files changed, 61 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

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2020-03-28 11:20:21 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us> (f42ee069)

        * Update UPDATING for 1.13.5.


2020-03-24 10:01:07 -0700  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us> (0266f6e4)

        * Fix use-after-free in mutt_str_replace().
        The Outlook content-type fix in commit 4cec4b63 inadvertantly
        introduced a use-after-free.  Calling mutt_set_parameter() pointing to
        a different part of the same string ends up calling mutt_str_replace()
        with both parameters pointing to the same hunk of memory.
        Improve mutt_str_replace() to deal with that case, to fix this bug and
        prevent possible future bugs resulting from that mistake.
        Thank you to Vita Batrla for the excellent bug report and patch.  I
        merely added a comment and removed the "SAFE_FREE comment" from his

M	lib.c

2020-03-06 13:48:45 -0800  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us> (d7ab6a73)

        * Fix format string parameters.
        crypt-gpgme and pgpkey $pgp_entry_format optional expando processing
        passed the wrong function parameter.  So did remailer for

M	crypt-gpgme.c
M	pgpkey.c
M	remailer.c

2020-02-23 12:53:46 -0800  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us> (619cd6cf)

        * Ensure format string dest buffer is cleared for callback function.
        There is some variation in Mutt as to the behavior of an undefined
        expando.  Some functions pass the op through, some output nothing.
        Unfortunately, a few callback functions also don't ensure the dest
        buffer is cleared if no expandos match the passed in op.  This is
        mostly my fault - I think I added a few using addrbook as a template,
        which was unfortunately missing the default clear switch.
        Rather than adding it to the places a default is missing, just ensure
        it's cleared in mutt_FormatString() itself, which will prevent future
        mistakes too.

M	muttlib.c

2020-02-15 12:23:36 -0800  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us> (1adc3a5d)

        * automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.13.4

M	ChangeLog
2020-02-15 11:25:37 -0800  Kevin McCarthy  <kevin@8t8.us> (05a257e8)

        * Update UPDATING file 1.13.4.

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