3d9a107297bbe8c73629acc4ebfb4e90c7557acc — Kevin McCarthy 1 year, 1 month ago d9dd1d5
Fix segv in IMAP postponed menu caused by reopen_allow.

imap_open_mailbox() leaves IMAP_REOPEN_ALLOW set for the connection.
I noticed this previously but didn't bother untangling the logic yet
because the index always calls mx_check_mailbox() right away, which
unsets the flag.

However, when debugging the segv for commit 51729d8d I realized the
postponed menu/context also suffers from the problem, leaving the menu
ripe for segvs due to unmanaged expunges.

I believe imap_read_headers() turns it off and back on to avoid
goofing up imap_cmd_finish() when a reopen *is* allowed.

The logic needs to be cleaned up and fixed.  However for a stable
branch fix, I'm am taking a conservative approach and just calling
mx_check_mailbox() to turn it back off.
1 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M postpone.c
M postpone.c => postpone.c +12 -0
@@ 254,6 254,18 @@ int mutt_get_postponed (CONTEXT *ctx, HEADER *hdr, HEADER **cur, BUFFER *fcc)
    return (-1);

  /* TODO:
   * mx_open_mailbox() for IMAP leaves IMAP_REOPEN_ALLOW set.  For the
   * index this is papered-over because it calls mx_check_mailbox()
   * every event loop (which resets that flag).
   * For a stable-branch fix, I'm doing the same here, to prevent
   * context changes from occuring behind the scenes and causing
   * segvs, but probably the flag needs to be reset after downloading
   * headers in imap_open_mailbox().
  mx_check_mailbox (PostContext, NULL);

  if (! PostContext->msgcount)
    PostCount = 0;