29167ecfc262c36b0570844e87b511e34878949b — Kevin McCarthy 2 months ago 127bcc3
Block multipart type alternatives generation.

Since generating multipart types using
$send_multipart_alternative_filter will not send properly, display an
error message and block alternatives of that type.
1 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M sendlib.c
M sendlib.c => sendlib.c +14 -0
@@ 1473,6 1473,20 @@ BODY *mutt_run_send_alternative_filter (BODY *b)
  alternative->disposition = DISPINLINE;

  mutt_parse_content_type (mime, alternative);
  if (alternative->type == TYPEMULTIPART)
    /* L10N:
       Some clever people may try to generate a multipart/mixed
       "alternative" using $send_multipart_alternative_filter.  The
       actual sending for this will not work, because the data
       structures will not be properly generated.  To preempt bug
       reports, this error is displayed, and the generation is blocked
       at the filter level.
    mutt_error _("$send_multipart_alternative_filter does not support multipart type generation.");
    mutt_free_body (&alternative);
    goto cleanup;
  mutt_update_encoding (alternative);