Bump version to 0.4.0
Recreate controls on next set if gamma size is zero

If the output is currently disabled and has no CRTC, the exact gamma
details might not yet be known by the compositor, but compositors do not
send updates if the value changes.

Destroy the gamma control and let it be recreated on next temperature
set, hoping that we eventually get functioning size.
readme: Fix the list of forced modes
Update man-page

- For each option's description, prefer capitalizing and ending with a period.

- Also, prefer lowercasing 'Day' as it appears to be the norm in NAME sections.

- Since commit c59bbbd6, xdg-output-unstable-v1 became unsupported in wlsunset.
5190631b — Mukund Sivaraman 7 months ago
Fix typo in manpage
Explain the use of multiple locus better

It was not entirely trivial to understand why the two locus were
implemented, and why there was a transition between them. Explain this
more explicitly.
Free output name, skip storing description
Improve logging
Remove xdg-output support

xdg-output was used to extract the output name, which can be obtained
from wl_output as of interface version 4, release in Wayland 1.20 almost
two years ago.
Calculate blend factor as double
Change steps from 25K to 10K
Force mode on SIGUSR1

Sending SIGUSR1 will make wlsunset cycle between forcing the temperature
high, forcing it low, and returning to automatic temperature control.
Bump version to 0.3.0
display_dispatch: Terminate poll loop on EPIPE

display_dispatch tried to flush the display in a loop until it no longer
returns an error that is EAGAIN or EPIPE. This becomes an infinite loop
if the socket is closed.

Stop flushing if we hit EPIPE, as the connection is dead. We still try
to read what we were sent to the protocol error shows up in debug
ci: Build on archlinux
Negate longitude_time_offset

Instead of negating at every single point of use, just negate the
Use timezone as time offset for manual time

When entering manual time, the timezone was adjusted in the time input
instead of storing the time offset. The time offset is necessary to
calculate the correct day boundaries.

Remove the timezone correction of time input and instead adjust the time
offset accordingly.
Move feature defines to C files
Ensure step time is at least 1 second

When configured to perform a very quick transition, the step time for 25
kelvin may end up being less than 1 second, rounding to zero. A zero
step time does not make any sense.