v0.3.0 5 months ago

wldash 0.3.0

This release contains 77 changes from 7 contributors.

Cyril Levis (4):
      feat: recurse deeper in applications folder
      feat: deduplicate desktop entries
      feat: allow choosing recent app with tabs
      feat: add ranking based on usage to launcher widget

Hilmar Gústafsson (12):
      Use DisplayDevice instead of BAT0
      Configurable font support
      Use tab and left tab to navigate matches
      launcher: add cursor and basic operations
      draw: Add method for drawing text with cursor
      draw: render cursor correctly in position 0
      cargo fmt
      launcher: Handle grapheme clusters correctly
      launcher: remove stray println
      launcher: fix bug that resets cursor on enter
      launcher: set cursor position in `self.leave`
      launcher: draw cursor for calc and shell modes

Kenny Levinsen (48):
      clock: Sizing error
      Add support for YAML
      README: Mention YAML/JSON
      pulseaudio: Ensure that both completion channels are read
      Ensure set_size is called after toggle_visibility
      Fix various toggle-visible issues
      launcher: Clear input buf when launching
      launcher: Space elements 3/8th of font-size
      launcher: Increase gap to font_size/2
      Add modifier support, enter/leave events
      widget: Add wait support
      Use global poll for UpowerBattery
      Use global poll for ipc_server
      Allow backlight device to be specified
      Update dependencies
      cargo fmt
      ci: Explicit source path
      backlight: Avoid unnecessary parens
      Increase optimization level
      clock/date: Feb 29 bug in nonsensical code
      readme: Add screenshot
      readme: Fix list
      Convert DateTime<Local> to NaiveDateTime
      Reduce cargo clippy warnings
      Create FUNDING.yml
      ci: alsa-lib dependency
      clock: Use font metrics for size
      widgets: Allow widgets to fill remaining space
      config: Add default for font map
      app: Don't switch buffers if none was available
      ci: Add fontconfig as dependency
      date: Fix dimension calculations
      Set layer-shell size to 1,1 on first commit
      Update libpulse-binding to 2.22
      pulseaudio: Iterate until callback is received
      Bump wayland-rs to 0.28, key repeat
      launcher: Ctrl-a, Ctrl-e, Home and End
      cargo fmt
      readme: Update discuss section
      app: Migrate to compare_exchange
      Use format string with panic
      launcher: Migrate to SkimMatcherV2
      cargo fmt
      Remove old FUNDING link
      Update example config
      clock: Adjust to new font advance
      Bump version to 0.3.0

Maxim Baz (1):
      Lex exec even when using custom opener

Pedro Côrte-Real (5):
      Remove errant semicolon (#24)
      Match on keywords in the launcher
      Prioritize name matches above keywords in launcher
      Simplify matching code in launcher
      Make matches unique and smarter

Sergey Smirnykh (5):
      Add ALSA widget (#18)
      alsa: Use ? operator instead of and_then
      More efficient command-line arguments parsing
      config: Make YAML/JSON modular and optional (#21)
      Various cleanups

Tadeo Kondrak (2):
      main: only bind up to version 3 of wl_output
      draw: Use font's horizontal advance value