Update fontconfig
Update Cargo.lock
Bump version to 0.3.0
clock: Adjust to new font advance
Update example config
draw: Use font's horizontal advance value
43fe73bf — Cyril Levis 6 months ago
feat: add ranking based on usage to launcher widget

Signed-off-by: Cyril Levis <git@levis.name>
d291e36b — Cyril Levis 6 months ago
feat: allow choosing recent app with tabs
fe37c15f — Cyril Levis 6 months ago
feat: deduplicate desktop entries

We don't want duplicate entries because there are not distinguishable by Name.

People will sometimes override in there HOME dir some desktop files entries
in order to do some modifications.

The actual reading order is good and so `unique_by` name do the job.
d4f62da6 — Cyril Levis 6 months ago
feat: recurse deeper in applications folder

max recursion 2 levels
main: only bind up to version 3 of wl_output
90ffa7df — Maxim Baz 6 months ago
Lex exec even when using custom opener

This fixes a few bugs I found related to custom opener.

Instead of sending the entire exec as a single argument, this properly
splits the command, trims trailing whitespaces, and lets the receiving
opener iterate over terms.
Remove old FUNDING link
launcher: Migrate to SkimMatcherV2
Use format string with panic
app: Migrate to compare_exchange
readme: Update discuss section
launcher: Ctrl-a, Ctrl-e, Home and End