Wayland PipeWire VU meter
Only schedule frame callback from on_process
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Move peak_decay to input side


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Wayland-based PipeWire VU-meter with peaking, with (optional) support for wlr-layer-shell.

It shows an audio input level as a vertical or horizontal bar of variable dimensions. When using layer-shell, it anchors itself to a side of the screen.

Good for monitoring mic levels during calls/streaming, while taking as little as a single pixel of screen height/width, depending on taste.

#How to use

meson build
ninja -C build

#How to use (layer-shell)

meson build
ninja -C build
./build/wlavu -l -a left -w 8

#Wasn't this ALSA earlier?

Yup, but dsnoop was annoying, and upon looking at PipeWire I found it decently efficient, so I decided to go with that.


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