Stupid fast wallpaper utility
Use XRGB and post damage


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Likely the fastest, least user-friendly, and worst named Wayland wallpaper utility possible. Requires for zwlr_layer_shell_v1 and wp_viewporter.

The wallpaper is stored in ARGB8888 format on disk, so that a file descriptor for the file can be sent straight to the Wayland server. All outputs share the same buffer, and a viewport is used to match the content to each output.

Unscientific speed comparison with three 4k displays, measured from start of main to surface commit:

tool input first output last output
wayllpaper 31.6 MiB bin 1 ms 1 ms
wbg 0.6 MiB jpg 74 ms 122 ms
wbg 1.9 MiB png 111 ms 156 ms
wbg 2.3 MiB jpg 193 ms 240 ms
swaybg 0.6 MiB jpg 76 ms 119 ms
swaybg 1.9 MiB png 123 ms 161 ms
swaybg 2.3 MiB jpg 177 ms 215 ms

#How to build and install

meson build
ninja -C build
sudo ninja -C build install

#How to use

First, convert the background to a raw ARGB8888 file. A tool to convert from PNG is included:

$ wayllpaper-convert input.png wallpaper.bin
width:  3840
height: 2160

Then run wayllpaper using the output from the above to show the wallpaper:

$ wayllpaper wallpaper.bin 3840 2160

The dimensions are required as the file does not contain any metadata, only raw pixel values.


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