0.7.0 1 year, 11 months ago

seatd 0.7.0

This release contains 36 changes from 3 contributors.

Some highlights of this release are:
- Support for NetBSD and wscons devices
- Fix for a polling bug in the logind libseat backend

Breaking changes:
- Removal of SEATD_SOCK and runtime socket path configuration
- Removal of SEATD_LOGLEVEL, replaced by a command-line argument

Kenny Levinsen (25):
      libseat: Use SOCK_CLOEXEC and SOCK_NONBLOCK
      logind: Always send ping if data is queued
      seatd: Remove SOCK_PATH and improve cleanup
      seatd: Ensure socket gets unlinked on error
      seatd-launch: Do not unlink socket path
      seatd: Fix usage rendering
      seatd-launch: Minor readability improvements
      seatd: Command-line argument for loglevel
      seatd: Handle socket unlink errors
      seatd: Remove runtime socket path configuration
      seatd: Change default log-level to info
      meson: Only set libseat defines for libseat itself
      builtin: Close other end of socketpair after fork
      seatd: Shut down on client disconnect in builtin
      builtin: Remove deathsig and log start/stop
      meson: Fix meson warnings
      Bump version to 0.7.0
      ci: Set loglevel argument to debug
      readme: Mention NetBSD
      meson: library soversion arg should be string
      terminal: Revert FreeBSD behavior in set_keyboard
      wscons: Move to its own device type
      drm: Make dev_is_drm local to logind backend
      wscons: Fix STRLEN
      seatd-launch: Avoid argv[0] in help text

Simon Ser (9):
      seatd: avoid overwriting errno in set_nonblock error handling
      seatd: don't log errno on EVENT_ERROR
      build: don't use cc.get_supported_arguments for defines
      build: use list for logind dep
      build: don't use sh for scdoc
      build: use meson.override_dependency
      readme: add irc:// link
      seatd: handle client_create failure
      seatd: refuse to compile with missing get_peer impl

illiliti (2):
      Initial netbsd support
      ci: Add NetBSD