0.6.3 2 years ago

seatd 0.6.3

This release fixes an issue where an interaction between how events
fired from libseat's seatd backend and libinput as of version 1.19 could
cause a compositor to segfault. It also introduces support in libseat's
logind backend for correctly opening an inactive seat while the logind
session is inactive.

Kenny Levinsen (8):
      seatd: Implement ping request to wake up later
      logind: Send ping to wake us up later
      clang-format: Fix alignment
      ci: Inline smoketest into build scripts
      logind: Improve error handling in open_seat
      ci: Add logind smoketest to arch
      logind: Set userdata for ping_handler
      Bump version to 0.6.3

Simon Ser (2):
      logind: check if session is active on startup
      examples/simpletest: check for libseat_dispatch failures