0.6.0 2 years ago

seatd 0.6.0

This release contains 54 changes from 6 contributors.

Some highlights of this release are:
- s6-style readiness notification support for seatd
- seatd-launch, which handles starting seatd and a consumer together,
  has been introduced as a superior alternative to the builtin libseat
  backend and as a convenient way to use seatd outside a service manager
- The builtin backend no longer blocks root from using it
- Meson options have been renamed to indicate what component they target
- Various fixes and improvements

Fabrice Fontaine (1):
      meson.build: fix build with gcc < 7

Greg Depoire--Ferrer (2):
      Revert "libseat: Check euid before using builtin"
      libseat: Update builtin backend root requirement documentation

Jan Beich (1):
      client: enable cr_pid on FreeBSD >= 12.3

Kenny Levinsen (34):
      meson: Fix logind backend auto mode
      meson: Minor cleanup
      Correct minor misspellings
      meson: Disable examples by default
      ci: Reduce test runs from 5 to 2
      ci: Remove unnecessary env vars
      contrib: Add Documentation to systemd unit
      readme: Remove alpha label
      Avoid a clang-format quirk
      ci: Use 'auto' for arch linux logind
      meson: make 'logind' var always available
      contrib/systemd: Use a different group
      meson: Support building builtin without seatd
      readme: Update discuss section
      libseat/seatd: Return executed events
      libseat/seatd: Add dispatch_pending_and_execute
      libseat: Rename dispatch_background in backends
      seatd: We shouldn't poll if predispatch > 0
      seatd: s6-style readiness notification support
      seatd: Only set UID/GID when specified
      seatd-launch: Add seatd launch wrapper
      ci: Use seatd-launch
      ci: Fix meson flags
      seatd-launch: Command line argument support
      seatd: Improve socket permission error handling
      seatd: Use path in chmod/chown operations
      logind: Remove redundant null check
      libseat: Fix build of builtin backend
      seat: Avoid holding a tty fd
      seat: Allow new clients when active is pending ack
      seatd-launch: Set socket permissions directly
      man: Add simple seatd-launch(1) page
      seatd-launch: Fix chmod error goto
      Bump version to 0.6.0

Simeon Schaub (1):
      link with rt

Simon Ser (15):
      Add no-op session
      meson: declare libseat dependency
      build: add explicit logind provider option, auto-detect by default
      build: fix logind feature summary when auto-detected
      build: don't explicitly search for sh
      build: don't allow "auto" for seatd, builtin, server and examples
      build: disable logind on -Dauto_features=disabled -Dlogind=auto
      build: set pkgconfig/dependency variables for features
      libseat/seatd: downgrade ENOENT log to info
      build: add prefix to libseat options
      seatd-launch: propagate child exit status
      seatd-launch: don't use gotos in child processes
      seatd-launch: check for getpwuid errors
      Make libseat_seat_listener const
      Add .editorconfig