0.5.0 2 years ago

seatd 0.5.0

Aleksei Bavshin (1):
      meson: ignore 'man-pages' if 'server' is disabled

Isaac Freund (1):
      libseat: log error when failing to open socket

Kenny Levinsen (29):
      ci: Clean up build manifests
      poller: Retry poll immediately on EINTR
      client: More robust handling of client links
      terminal: Improve logging
      logind: switch_session should return 0 on success
      client: Do not use SOL_SOCKET for LOCAL_PEERCRED
      client: Use cr_pid if available
      client: Fix typo in cr_pid usage
      simpletest: Close fd after closing device
      logind: Send ReleaseControl when closing seat
      seat: Remove unused arg from seat_deactive_device
      client: Replace pending_disable with state enum
      seatd: Tear down VT when disabled client closes
      libseat: Fix typo in doc string
      logind: Fix return values from close_device/get_fd
      seatd: Set errno in seat_add_client
      Convert a few debug logs to error logs
      seatd: Clean up debug logs a bit
      client: Remove link if seat_add_client succeeds
      seatd: Close cur_ttyfd in seat_destroy
      log: Remove function name from log
      Normalize log texts a bit
      log: Include debug logs in release builds
      meson: Clean up test declarations a bit
      meson: Make summary prettier
      meson: Fix indentation
      ci: Add clang-extra-tools to alpine
      Bump version to 0.5.0

Simon Ser (1):
      libseat/backend/logind: stop waiting for CanGraphical