0.4.0 2 years ago

seatd 0.4.0

Notable improvements in this release includes several fixes to IPC
connection handling, VT switching and FreeBSD portability.

Kenny Levinsen (23):
      poller: Raise signals through self-pipe
      client: Remove unnecessary active_client check
      seat: Rework seat activation/switch logic
      seat: Plug leak of deactivated fds
      seat: Reuse deactivate logic, more logging
      seatd: Log on exit
      libseat: Dispatch all non-bg events on IPC call
      libseat: Execute bg events after IPC calls
      poller: Add unittest
      drm: Relax drm file detection, support FreeBSD
      meson: Make default seatd socket path configurable
      libseat/seatd: Fix socket path bounds
      terminal: Fix VT numbering on FreeBSD
      seat: Use current VT for switch and ack
      terminal: Ack both release and acquire
      seat: Only close VT if no new session was found
      logind: close_device should not close fd
      logind: Use seat_path for SwitchTo
      logind: clang-format
      libseat: Better error reporting from open_seat
      connection: Add unittest
      readme: Update mailing list link
      Bump version to 0.4.0