0.2.0 3 years ago

seatd 0.2.0

Kenny Levinsen (10):
      libseat: Remove useless logind fallbacks
      simpletest: Set log level to debug
      terminal: Set K_RAW and term raw mode on FreeBSD
      terminal: FreeBSD VT num is 1 higher than tty num
      terminal: Construct TTY paths correctly on FreeBSD
      terminal: Explain FreeBSD current_vt behavior
      libseat: Only print backend attempts for matches
      libseat: Expand logging in all backends
      logind: Merge PropertiesChanged handlers
      Bump version to 0.2.0

Simon Ser (4):
      Rename enum log_level to libseat_log_level
      Introduce libseat_set_log_handler
      Introduce libseat_set_log_level