fc612ab8 — Thomas Weißschuh 9 months ago master
feat: don't send warning when changing from unknown to no warning

When a device is added via BlueZ it is first added at warning_level
"unknown" and then changes to "none".
This triggers a spurious notification about "Warning cleared" although
no warning was ever reported.
feat: implement ignore and silent start option

we can use several `-i`, eg: `-i "line power" -i mouse`.
readme: Dedicated mailing list
readme: Update discuss section
Fix cross compilation
Silence unknown battery messages
readme: Add contact info
basu: Use new pkg-config name
Support basu as sd-bus impl
Use path/type fallback in remove as well
5d346a8e — Antoine Damhet 2 years ago
Introduce systemd user unit file

The unit will be installed if `poweralertd` is built with `logind`.

Signed-off-by: Antoine Damhet <antoine.damhet@lse.epita.fr>
readme: Add screenshot
Double-buffer state to diff, cleanup

* Rather than track changes with a boolean for each field, double-buffer
all dynamic values in a prop struct.
* Handle all types and levels from the UPower source, rather than the
outdated UPower documentation.
* Handle BatteryLevel for coarse battery information.
* Small style changes.
Avoid creating duplicate devices in device add
ci: Add build manifest
Unref sd_bus_slot when destroying device
Do not leak native_path
meson: Silence unused-parameter and missing-braces
Missing include