Add -v option to show the current version
Bump version to 0.3.0
upower: Expand list of device types

Many deivce types were missing, in part due to them not being mentioned
by UPower documentation. They have now been expanded to all the current
29 device types.
Restart systemd service on failure
Add flag to only use the events from power supplies

Some devices don't have a proper separate upower type (for example
headsets) and could be just defined as "battery". So it's impossible
just with the ignore flag to ignore them while keeping monitoring
power supply batteries.
Ignore configuration also works for the removal of devices
Extend silence grace period to 0.5 seconds

The silence feature initially skipped messages generated by the first
round in the event loop, before the first event loop wait. If upower is
dbus activated, we may receive updates immediately afterwards.

Extend the grace period during which updates are ignored from 1
iteration to 0.5 seconds.
Include category with notifications

Notification categories can be used by the notification daemon to filter
or configure actions based on the machine-readable category.

There were no power-related categories defined in the spec. The
categories used may be changed in the future to align with those used by
other tools.
fc612ab8 — Thomas WeiƟschuh 2 years ago
feat: don't send warning when changing from unknown to no warning

When a device is added via BlueZ it is first added at warning_level
"unknown" and then changes to "none".
This triggers a spurious notification about "Warning cleared" although
no warning was ever reported.
feat: implement ignore and silent start option

we can use several `-i`, eg: `-i "line power" -i mouse`.
readme: Dedicated mailing list
readme: Update discuss section
Fix cross compilation
Silence unknown battery messages
readme: Add contact info
basu: Use new pkg-config name
Support basu as sd-bus impl
Use path/type fallback in remove as well
5d346a8e — Antoine Damhet 4 years ago
Introduce systemd user unit file

The unit will be installed if `poweralertd` is built with `logind`.

Signed-off-by: Antoine Damhet <antoine.damhet@lse.epita.fr>
readme: Add screenshot