0.8 5 months ago

gtkgreet 0.8

This release makes some changes to customization and adds French,
Russian and Spanish translations.

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera (1):
      Update reference to deprecated constant

Javier Steinaker (1):
      Added support for i18n and spanish translation

Kenny Levinsen (5):
      proto: Fix signed-ness error
      meson: Update version properly
      man: Elaborate on stylesheets a bit
      readme: Add discuss section
      Bump version to 0.8

LeJun (1):
      Added french translation strings

Melih Darcan (1):
      Made the greeter more customizable

Ryan Farley (1):
      proto: use uint32_t offsets and message lengths

Savely Krasovsky (2):
      feat: russian translation added, unnecessary translation removed
      fix: get translations to work