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gtkgreet 0.7

This release includes the ability to style gtkgreet with stylesheets and
background images, automatic gtk-layer-shell detection, and a few other

Aleksei Bavshin (5):
      Fix --command argument for builds without layer-shell
      Use layer-shell anchors to fill the screen
      Add support for user CSS styles.
      man changes for --style option
      Convert -Dlayershell to 'feature'

Kenny Levinsen (5):
      Remove action_quit
      Add support for background images
      man: Document the background image flag
      Remove gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme
      ci: Disable automatic github mirroring

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gtkgreet 0.6

Jarkko Oranen (1):
      Fix linkage on Fedora 32

Kenny Levinsen (4):
      Ensure that clock resizes correctly
      Only resize clock when necessary
      strdup question to avoid use-after-free/return
      Fix dropdown resetting under layer-shell

0.5 3 years ago .tar.gz browse log

First release of gtkgreet