4d18d3e4953e76041b0f5f7aae3762115eac23fc — Kenny Levinsen 2 months ago 356e310 master
Remove gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme

This was a hack introduced while debugging broken Gtk theme selection.
It does nothing when theme selection is broken, and when it works, the
user can just pick a theme (including dark variants) with e.g. gsettings.
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M gtkgreet/main.c
M gtkgreet/main.c => gtkgreet/main.c +0 -1
@@ 94,7 94,6 @@ static GOptionEntry entries[] =

static void activate(GtkApplication *app, gpointer user_data) {
    g_object_set(gtk_settings_get_default(), "gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme", TRUE, NULL);
    if (!setup_layer_shell()) {
        struct Window *win = create_window(NULL);
        gtkgreet_focus_window(gtkgreet, win);