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man: Document the background image flag
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@@ 21,6 21,11 @@ gtkgreet - A Gtk-based greeter for greetd
	Use wlr-layer-shell to display a window on every output. Must be enabled at

*-b, --background*
	Specifies a background image to be used by gtkgreet. JPG and PNG are known
	to work. The image will be anchored to the upper left corner, and is
	rendered 1:1 when DPI scaling is 1.


gtkgreet is a Gtk-based, graphical greeter for *greetd*(1).

@@ 64,4 69,4 @@ Maintained by Kenny Levinsen <contact@kl.wtf>. For more information about
gtkgreet development, see https://git.sr.ht/~kennylevinsen/gtkgreet.

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