0.8.0 1 year, 9 months ago

greetd 0.8.0

This release includes a security fix for initial_session, which ensures
that greetd does not run the initial session on service restart.

Aleksei Bavshin (2):
      deps: update tokio to 1.0
      deps: update nix and other dependencies

Antoine POPINEAU (1):
      Ensure initial session is only run once.

Eli Schwartz (1):
      recommend making config world readable rather than setting owner

Kenny Levinsen (6):
      Update lock file
      readme: Add discuss section
      docs: Fix scdoc syntax for greetd.5
      rustfmt: Change merge_imports to imports_granularity
      ipc: Fix tokio codec
      Bump version to 0.8.0

cinerea0 (1):
      Add makefile for man pages

muradm (1):
      greetd: add terminal switch flag configuration option