0.10.3 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

greetd 0.10.3

This bugfix release fixes an incorrect cast in the PAM ffi code that
could lead to periodic failures.

Kenny Levinsen (2):
      greetd: Use pointer::is_null instead of cast
      Bump version to 0.10.3

0.10.2 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

greetd 0.10.2

This bugfix release fixes builds on stable rust toolchains.

Kenny Levinsen (2):
      greetd_ipc: Only set feature flag for docsrs
      Bump version to 0.10.2

0.10.1 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

greetd 0.10.1

This bugfix release reintroduces the XDG_VTNR environment variable which
some X11 sessions were relying on. It also changes the error behavior
when a greeter incorrectly sends a user response when there is no
question to answer.

Kenny Levinsen (6):
      Reintroduce XDG_VTNR
      context: Error on unexpected auth message response
      greetd: Scramble response texts after use
      greetd_ipc: Fix docs.rs build
      greetd_ipc: Show required codec features in docs
      Bump version to 0.10.1

0.10.0 2 months ago .tar.gz browse log

greetd 0.10.0

This release contains breaking changes:

1. Support for the old configuration format, superseded in 0.5.0, has
   been removed. Please ensure that the new INI format documented in
   `man 5 greetd` is used before upgrading.

2. Support for falling back to the `login` PAM service when the `greetd`
   PAM service is missing has been removed. Ensure that a `greetd` PAM
   service is present in `/etc/pam.d/` or `/usr/lib/pam.d` before
   upgrading. The file for `login` can be copied if the fallback was
   used previously.

3. Fewer environment variables are exposed to user sessions. In
   particular, GREETD_SOCK is only shown to greeter sessions, and
   XDG_SESSION_CLASS and XDG_VTNR is only shown to PAM.

greetd now supports the `/usr/lib/pam.d` service folder, and using a
different PAM service file for greeter and user sessions. If a service
file named "greetd-greeter" is present, this will be used for the
greeter session, while "greetd" is used for the user session. The
service file can also be configured in the general, default_session and
initial_session sections through the "service" setting.

Aleksei Bavshin (1):
      Update deprecated SPDX identifier for GPL-3.0-only

Arnaud Ferraris (1):
      config: allow using custom PAM configs

Harish Rajagopal (1):
      Add ReGreet to list of known greetd greeters

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera (8):
      Drop unmaintained `users` crate
      Remove no-op question mark and Ok()
      Remove references that are implicitly dereferenced
      Remove pointless copying of string before copying it
      Use strip_prefix to strip prefix
      Derive VtSelection::default
      Deduplicate parsing of VtSelection
      Allow overriding VT via arguments

Jonathan Sköld (1):
      agreety: Return error if no input when prompted

Kenny Levinsen (14):
      config: Fix tests for service config
      server: cargo fmt
      Minimize user-exposed environment variables
      cargo update
      Update dependencies
      pam: Check /usr/lib/pam.d
      pam: Remove fallback to the login service
      pam: Swap /etc/pam.d and /usr/lib/pam.d
      agreety: Update nix to 0.27
      config: Drop support for old config format
      man: Document VT switch
      Update dependencies
      Update dependencies
      Bump version to 0.10

ShootingStarDragons (2):
      chore: set dir to absolute path
      readme: Add two greeter implementations

fossdd (1):
      readme: Add Phog greeter implementation

0.9.0 1 year, 6 months ago .tar.gz browse log

greetd 0.9.0

This release re-introduces the environment parameter to start_session
and fixes a few bugs related session setup.

Aleksei Bavshin (4):
      Revert "Remove 'env' from start_session"
      ipc: ensure backward compatibility of the protocol
      Change order of setting pam environment variables.
      fakegreet: reset state on errors

Felix Lechner (1):
      For FUSE-based home folders, chdir into them as the user instead of root.

Kenny Levinsen (7):
      compat: Upgrade nix to 0.20 for x32 support
      readme: Add reference to QtGreet
      Minor doc adjustments
      cargo: Update tokio
      readme: Add ddlm, note list updates welcome
      cargo: Update dependencies
      Bump version to 0.9.0

Matěj Cepl (1):
      Use /bin/sh instead of $SHELL

0.8.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

greetd 0.8.0

This release includes a security fix for initial_session, which ensures
that greetd does not run the initial session on service restart.

Aleksei Bavshin (2):
      deps: update tokio to 1.0
      deps: update nix and other dependencies

Antoine POPINEAU (1):
      Ensure initial session is only run once.

Eli Schwartz (1):
      recommend making config world readable rather than setting owner

Kenny Levinsen (6):
      Update lock file
      readme: Add discuss section
      docs: Fix scdoc syntax for greetd.5
      rustfmt: Change merge_imports to imports_granularity
      ipc: Fix tokio codec
      Bump version to 0.8.0

cinerea0 (1):
      Add makefile for man pages

muradm (1):
      greetd: add terminal switch flag configuration option

0.7.0 3 years ago .tar.gz browse log

greetd 0.7.0

This release includes changes to VT management, a new option to disable
profile sourcing, as well as various other improvements.

Aleksei Bavshin (1):
      Use additional pam service config for greeter

Antoine POPINEAU (1):
      greetd: Added tuigreet to known greeters list.

Kenny Levinsen (13):
      terminal: Use direct open, proper errors
      worker: Unconditionally set up tty
      terminal: Forcibly take terminal
      session: Do not log pam_conv after start
      ci: Build both arch and alpine
      Use per-pid socket paths
      Terminate cleanly on SIGINT
      Use stdin as VT for current/none vt selections
      config: Skip reading config in session worker
      config: Add general.source_profile
      config: Fix tests for general section
      docs: Document new general section
      ci: Disable automatic github mirroring

Kirill Chibisov (1):
      Add installation instructions on Gentoo

Robert Günzler (1):
      Make sure to require codec in tokio-codec feature

0.6.1 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

greetd 0.6.1

This release fixes a build system issue in 0.6.0.

Kenny Levinsen (2):
      Update lock file
      ci: Add lockfile check

0.6.0 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

greetd 0.6.0

Highlights of this release includes:

- fakegreet, a dummy greetd implementation, is now provided for easy
greeter development and testing.
- TOML has been replaced with ini-style configuration, allowing for
prettier configuration and significantly smaller binary size.
- The default config file location is now /etc/greetd/greetd.conf.
- greetd now builds on arm64.

Compatibility with the old configuration file format and location will
be removed in a future release.

Andreas Gerlach (1):
      pam: Change i8 to c_char for portability

Kenny Levinsen (19):
      greetd_ipc: Doc improvements
      Remove unused dependency
      config: Swap toml for ini
      Minor dependency cleanup
      config: Simplify a bit
      cargo clippy
      config: Fix initial_session issue, add tests
      greetd_ipc: Add codec examples
      agreety: Post None answer on Info/Error
      ci: Enable tests
      fakegreet: Dummy greetd backend
      fakegreet: cargo clippy and fmt
      config: Replace rust-ini
      greetd_ipc: Split codecs into separate files
      Share inish with agreety, kill last rust-ini use
      Unify nix dependencies
      Update dependencies
      config: New default location
      Bump version number to 0.6.0

0.5.1 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

greetd 0.5.1

Kenny Levinsen (4):
      Fix example config
      Rename greet_proto to greetd_ipc, Cargo.toml updates
      docs: Make docs.rs build all features
      Update Cargo.lock
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