readme: Add two greeter implementations
chore: set dir to absolute path
Derive VtSelection::default
Use strip_prefix to strip prefix

No need to do it manually.
Remove pointless copying of string before copying it
Remove references that are implicitly dereferenced

This are implicitly dereferenced by the compiler and a no-op.
Remove no-op question mark and Ok()
Drop unmaintained `users` crate

Its functionality is provided by the `nix` crate which is already a
dependency anyway.

See: https://rustsec.org/advisories/RUSTSEC-2023-0040.html
Update deprecated SPDX identifier for GPL-3.0-only

Link the LICENSE file into the greetd_ipc crate to ensure that it
appears in the crates.io archive.
Minimize user-exposed environment variables

PAM requires a number of environment variables set, and greeters need to
know the greetd socket path. All these environment variables were set
for all sessions started by greetd.

Only set the greetd socket path for greeter sessions, and remove some
environment variables only need for PAM before starting a session.
server: cargo fmt
config: Fix tests for service config
a7c8ac89 — Jonathan Sköld 8 months ago
agreety: Return error if no input when prompted

If EOF is provided when the user is prompted agreety would panic. This
commit fixes that by returning an error instead causing graceful exit(1)
95ab9cdc — Arnaud Ferraris 1 year, 1 month ago
config: allow using custom PAM configs

In the event several greeters are installed, each needing a specific PAM
config, it could be useful to have each greeter having its own config
file (which is already possible), each one indicating the PAM config to
be used with this greeter (which is not possible for now).

This commit adds a new (optional) "service" key to the "general",
"default_session" and "initial_session" sections so users and/or
distributions can have more flexibility regarding PAM config management.

In case this option is missing from the config file, we fall back to the
default "greetd" and "greetd-greeter" config names.

Signed-off-by: Arnaud Ferraris <arnaud.ferraris@collabora.com>
c597e82b — Harish Rajagopal 9 months ago
Add ReGreet to list of known greetd greeters
Bump version to 0.9.0
cargo: Update dependencies
readme: Add ddlm, note list updates welcome
cargo: Update tokio