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man: Document VT switch
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@@ 16,6 16,11 @@ greetd - A login manager daemon
*-c, --config <config>*
	Specifies the configuration file to use.

*--vt <vt>*
	The VT to use, overwriting the value from the configuration file. This
	can be useful when starting an instance per VT if greetd cannot deduce
	the intended VT from an associated controlling terminal.


greetd was created to fill the need for a simple login manager that makes no

@@ 63,4 68,4 @@ Maintained by Kenny Levinsen <contact@kl.wtf>. For more information about
greetd development, see https://git.sr.ht/~kennylevinsen/greetd.

*greetd*(5) *greetd-ipc*(7)
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