Clarify info on Arch/AUR packages

Packages have been in [Extra] for a while now.
Add note about changing VT
cdf4206a — Harish Rajagopal 1 year, 1 month ago
Add missing greeters from greetd README

This adds greeters mentioned in the greetd README but missing from the
wiki at man.sr.ht.
Remove wayland_enablement
Add reference to QtGreet
Note that sway-run should be executable

This also fixes a minor naming inconsistency.
Replace $SHELL with /bin/sh
recommend making config world readable rather than setting owner

There is no secret material that needs to be unreadable except to the
daemon, but if there were, the current instructions never recommended
setting a locked down mode.

The daemon doesn't need write access either.

Recommending chown rather than making the config world readable as is
typical for bog standard system configs, is confusing and inconsistent
with e.g. the in house AUR packaging. It also might be erroneously
interpreted as a requirement, which is challenging for packaging systems
that don't support distributing files/directories owned by non-root
Document SELinux error
Warn against full themes
Mention gtkgreet stylesheet
Mention that cage allows VT switching with -s
Expand a bit on Sys(ENOMEM)
Add mlockall error to the troubleshooting guide
Added tuigreet to known greeters list.
Mention initial session
Update for new config file format
Add wlgreet help
Add greeter list