Tweakable analog distortion
hw: 2-layer PCB w/ Bourns 3310 pots
hw: WIP two-layer PCB
hw: balance I/O


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#haxbli waveshaper

Waveshaper is an analog distortion processor. It performs clipping and nothing else, but gives the user lots of control over the amplitude transfer function.


Waveshaper is in the prototyping phase.

#Design goals

  • Repairable, hackable, and made to last
  • Controls change parameters consistently; no fast or slow regions
  • Continuous parameterization of distortion curve; no modes or "voicings"
  • Low noise floor even with high gain
  • Flat frequency response
  • Predictable dynamics
  • Left-to-right signal flow on the front panel
  • Outputs balanced, line-level signal
  • Accepts balanced or unbalanced line-level signal
  • Tabletop design; spacious front panel; all knobs are the same size


Waveshaper is 100% copyleft hardware. The KiCad project is checked in to the Git repository! You are free to do anything with the design, including manufacture and sell units, provided that

  • your changes are shared with the community
  • you obtain permission for any trademarks

See the license for more details.