recursively resampled monophonic synthesizer
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Recursyn allows musicians to fluidly create heavily-processed monophonic sounds.

For the story behind the idea, read the blog post.


Recursyn consists of an analog synthesizer/processing engine connected in a feedback loop with a digital sampler. The instrument focuses on sound design through resampling, the technique of repeatedly processing recorded audio through different signal chains.

#planned features

  • Record and play back 12-bit, full audio bandwidth samples
  • Load and save samples with microSD card
  • Resample with a single button press
  • Record perfectly trimmed samples with automatic punch in and out
  • Generate rich waveforms with two voltage-controlled oscillators
  • Aggressively shape sound with the overdrivable filter's six transfer functions
  • Resample through external gear with auxilliary I/O
  • Integrate with your setup with CV/gate interface