Update README.md; add notes.md
Change license to GPL3
Implement stability report; fix some bugs
Makefile: allow test target to fail
Fix problems with the Makefile

- It now uses standard git commands, not aliases
- The watch target uses the current branch, not master
- We have only one example, which is run as a module, not a Makefile
Fix incorrect condition in faust._is_signal
Rewrite nonlinear SVF example and fix resulting bugs
Simplify package and import structure

Thanks to Alex Dzyoba [1] for the concise guide.

[1]: http://alex.dzyoba.com/blog/python-import/
Rewrite using matrices; add stability checking
remove pypi distribution support
tests: remove tests for code to be rewritten
.gitignore: add __pycache__
math.py: comment on stability condition algorithm
math.py: Add ODE stability condition method

A linear ODE is stable if the roots of its characteristic
equation have negative real part. We handle nonlinear ODEs
by linearizing them at an operating point.
initial work on stability analysis
Makefile: remove more stuff for distclean target
setup.cfg: fix and add some stuff
examples/nonlinear-svf-faust: fix bad import path