A drum synthesizer LV2 plugin
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Drumvoice is a percussion instrument LV2 plugin.

I made it because I was having fun creating synth percussion in Audacity one day but ran into the problem of not being able to make ringy snare drums. True, a lot of electronic music doesn't really use that type of sound, with the main exceptions being drum & bass and big beat, both of which get it typically by sampling funk breakbeats, not by synthesizing their own snares. But like I said, I was having fun doing that and wanted a ringy snare. So I figured out how to make an FM synth give me the ringing component and then blended that in with a typical noise-and-sine synth snare, and it sounded awesome.

Then I started playing with changing the balance between snare and ring with velocity, and I realized that ghost notes ring a little more than ordinary notes.

So when I created drumvoice, I did it to at least be able to make ringy snares that get ringier as they get quieter, just like a real snare drum. But it still sounds quite a lot like a synth snare, and that's OK.

Drumvoice can also make lots of other percussion sounds, like kick drums, toms, single hand claps, and all kinds of smaps and blinks. Part of the reason it can do this is because it has a sine wave oscillator with a really fast pitch envelope. So fast that it makes more of a snapping sound than a chirping sound, which is good news, because not many synths pay attention to what happens when their envelopes are set really fast. Drumvoice gives you a logarithmically-scaled control over the envelope decay time, which makes tuning your attacks quite fun.

Drumvoice has a bandpass-filtered noise source. You can use it to make snare and cymbal sounds, or to make fake reverb on other sounds by tuning it to the right bandwidth and frequency. A little rumble with your boom is a good idea.