cut another syscall; avoid magic numbers

No need to bother the operating system to close the
file descriptor, because it will clean up after me.

Also, -1 is less readable than INDEX_INVALID.
lib: avoid propagating types needlessly

Just because a libc function returns unsigned long doesn't mean the
entire codebase has to use unsigned long. The numbers fit into 13 bits;
typecasting is OK.
lib: reduce number of syscalls

Nine is getting to a tolerable range.
get max brightness at compile time

Fourteen syscalls is too many for me.
gitignore .o files
lib: correct usage message

I deleted that option a while ago.
Use a more conventional integration technique
lib: update style to my current persuasion
lib: avoid writing function prototypes
Makefile: let valgrind return nonzero on error
don't use typedef
lib.c: remove unused "rep" feature
rename notes -> README.md
b29fdcce — Karl Schultheisz 3 years ago
lib.c: fix an OOB access introduced by -Os flag

This is not really fixing the place responsible for the error, just
routing around it, but I think it reads better, so I'm going with it.

Valgrind didn't catch this bug because the location of the OOB access
is a global static array. exp-sgcheck is supposed to check this, but
it didn't work for me.
a71d58ef — Karl Schultheisz 4 years ago
Add new argument: number of repetitions
8cc3883a — Karl Schultheisz 4 years ago
Move all bl.c logic into lib.c
7e8a78d3 — Karl Schultheisz 4 years ago
auto: don't print so much
def847cc — Karl Schultheisz 4 years ago
add .gitignore
1e65546f — Karl Schultheisz 5 years ago
Remove trailing space