simple tool for renaming interface names by mac address
improve compare_if() robustness
macifrename: add missing stdint header



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macifrename is a simple tool which renames NIC names based on their MAC address.

When run with no arguments, it will reorder the NIC names based on their MAC address, from lowest to highest. An example of where this is useful would be cases where the board wired the NICs up backwards, so that the secondary NIC is probed before the primary NIC, or Ubiquiti devices where the NIC labelling does not match how they are wired on the board at all.

When run with a path to a config file, it will rename the NICs based on a configured table of NIC names to MAC addresses. This is useful for scenarios like:

# cat /etc/iftab
lan 802a.a88f.7daa
# cat /etc/network/interfaces
auto lan
iface lan inet dhcp

#why not ifrename from wireless-tools?

wireless-tools includes a similar package, ifrename. But ifrename is not simple to use, you must write a config file in all cases, and the config file is a rule-based expert system, which is quite powerful, but also quite complex. macifrename, on the other hand works in a well-understood way.