An opinionated formatter for Nix
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


nixfmt is a formatter for Nix code, intended to easily apply a uniform style.

You are encouraged to test this out on your code and submit any undesirable formatting you find as an issue

Build Status Cachix


  • nixfmt is in nixpkgs master as of 2019-09-04:

    nix-env -iA nixpkgs.nixfmt
  • To get the most recent version, install from master:

    # Optional: use cachix to get cached builds even for master
    cachix use nixfmt
    nix-env -f https://github.com/serokell/nixfmt/archive/master.tar.gz -i


#With Nix

Haskell dependencies will be built by Nix.

  • Enter nix-shell
  • Build with cabal new-build

#Without Nix

Haskell dependencies will be built by Cabal.

  • Build with cabal new-build


  • nixfmt < input.nix – reads Nix code form stdin, formats it, and outputs to stdout
  • nixfmt file.nix – format the file in place

#For Contributors

We welcome issues and pull requests on GitHub.

#About Serokell

nixfmt is maintained and funded with :heart: by Serokell. The names and logo for Serokell are trademark of Serokell OÜ.

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