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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

Meillo's Mail Handler (mmh)

Mmh is a modified version of the electronic mail handling system nmh.
Nmh (new MH) itself was originally based on the package MH-6.8.3, and
was intended to be a (mostly) compatible drop-in replacement for MH.
In contrast, mmh is not intended to be a drop-in replacement for nmh,
but rather aims for the modernization and simplification of nmh,
accepting reduced compatiblity if it, at the same time, allows to
achieve greater goals from mmh's point of view.

Mmh is small and simple; nmh is established and matured; MH is ancient.

Unfortunately, the usage of the terms `mmh' and `nmh' is not fully
consistent within the distribution.

See the INSTALL file.

Mmh uses a BSD-style license, which can be found in the COPYRIGHT

Start by reading the man page mmh-intro(7). It explains the first
steps. For convenience in the shell, have a look at the files
docs/COMPLETION-*. They give cookbook examples of how to set up mmh-
specific tab completion in your shell.

Information of interest to mmh developers can be found in the
README.developers file in the docs subdirectory of this distribution.
Markus Schnalke's master's thesis explains the existence, shape, and
focus of mmh. You should read it before working on mmh. If you're
hacking on the code, you should subscribe to mmh's mailing list. To
do so, send a message to <mmh-request@marmaro.de> with the subject

See the NEWS file for a summary of changes between releases. See
the ChangeLog file (which is included in releases as a static copy
of the VCS log) for a more detailed list of changes.

Bug reports
Please send bug reports and suggestions to the mailing list:

The MH system was originally developed by the RAND Corporation,
starting in 1979. It was written mainly by Bruce S. Borden after
ideas in a memo by R. Stockton Gaines and Norman Z. Shapiro. In
1982, the University of California, Irvine took up maintenance of
the software, under the direction of Marshall T. Rose and John L.

Nmh was started by Richard Coleman (coleman@math.gatech.edu) after
development on MH mostly stopped. He did the original autoconfiscation
and most of the other work up until version 1.0. Nmh is currently being
developed and maintained by a loosely organized group of volunteers.

More information
There is more information in the docs subdirectory. Some of the
documents are historic, however.

The mmh website is located at <http://marmaro.de/prog/mmh/>.
Feel free to write to mmh's mailing list at <mmh@marmaro.de>
or contact Markus Schnalke <meillo@marmaro.de> directly.

(The nmh website is located at <http://nmh.nongnu.org/>.)