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New post: Fuckup of the month -- "kaction.cc" domain expired
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# Contacts

The primary way to contact me is email:


I have catch-all configured, so any email on kaction.cc domain is mine.  Note,
  that I process email in batches, once every few days, so do not expect
  instant reply. Also, if I did not respond in two weeks, you can assume I lost
  email (sorry, happens) and welcome to send another copy.
The primary way to contact me is email: "kaction@disroot.org".

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# Fuckup of the month -- "kaction.cc" domain expired

Alright, I fucked it up. I forgot to pay for "kaction.cc" domain, and
now instead of redirecting to the proxy of my gemlog it redirects to the
"enable-javascript.com". Embarassing.

Anyway, nothing can be done about it, and I decided that I don't want to
get new domain, at least for time being. Email on my own domain proved
to be not as useful as I though, mainly because I don't do much email

Links to couple of my articles I posted in debian-devel and my Telegram
channel are now dangling. This is sad, but here are the articles

=> ./2019-12-28.1.gmi "Tragedy in Debian, my tragedy"
=> ./2020-02-29.1.gmi "Embrace the bazaar"
=> ./2020-03-27.1.gmi "Compiling C to FASM"
=> ./2020-04-12.1.gmi "Debian discourse"

You still can mail me to "kaction@disroot.org" email address. See you
somewhere in the tildeverse.