v0.15.1 7 months ago

Release 0.15.1

* Add dvtm-editor(1) utility to make $EDITOR work as a filter
* Add support for "smam" and "rmam" capabilities
* Allow focusing windows through the command FIFO
* Allow window tagging through the commands FIFO
* copymode: Set cwd so paths make sense in editor
* Don't ignore SIGPIPE in children
* Make it possible to set MOD to Ctrl-Space
* Extend tag command syntax to allow flexible tag manipulations
* Apply color rules for new windows
* Set initial window title based on command name if given
* Add dvtm-pager(1) utility
* Improve handling of Alt + Special key
* Fix minor memory leak in command line parsing

Contributors (in alphabetical order):

* Ben Davenport-Ray
* Dmitry Bogatov
* Gennadiy Volkov
* Jordyn/The Linux Geek
* Klemens Nanni
* Leonardo Taccari
* Luke Clifton
* Marc André Tanner
* Ross Mohn
* Semyon Maryasin
* ccao001
* josuah
* mweaver
* shuall