ref: system config/.git-crypt d---------
3cd0b596 — Dmitry Bogatov 7 months ago
Merge branch 'secrets'

* secrets:
  universe: configure official github terminal client
  mutt: add alias for email interface to todo.sr.ht
  msmtp: use static email when sending to todo.sr.ht
  mutt: save outgoing and drafts under ~/Mail
  Include email password into secret/auth.sh
  mpop: save uidls file in writeable directory
  manifest: configure ~kaction/Mail directory
  nix-sys-generate: nested entries are okay if parent is "mkdir"
  Deploy authentication tokens into /etc/profile.d/auth.sh
  Setup git-crypt
  Add and configure passphrase2pgp utility
264918fc — Dmitry Bogatov 7 months ago
Setup git-crypt