ref: milestone/1 config/Tupfile -rw-r--r-- 3.0 KiB
8f4e28c9 — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago milestone/1
vim: drop custom implementation of snippets

Custom, primitive implementation of snippets proved to be of little
value. Their intended usecase is better covered by sed/awk/shell
1ab4be43 — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
nix: import old patch for rc shell

This patch adds programmable completion into rc(1) shell. I do not
expect this patch to be used anytime soon, but I love the idea.
5e3e5fa1 — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
New script: debomatic-upload

This script makes minimal possible work on local host, and as much, as
possible on debomatic-amd64.debian.net.

`debomatic-upload' script generates source package from HEAD and uploads
it on debomatic server. After that, it monitors build process and when
build is finished, it download logs and emails them to user.

Following logs are available:

 - buildlog (obliviously)
 - Lintian checks
 - contents listing
 - piuparts and adequate

Piuparts is most valuable, since running it requires fast access to
debian mirrors.
2808fa45 — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
posix: install dircolors files into ~/prefix/config
2c6a1c6e — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
tup: remove preload entry for missing directory
c92f097f — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
sh: move config under ~/prefix/config
e815984a — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
Reogranize files in HOME directory

Make sure, that most files in ~/ are symbolic links to directory or file
under either

 * ~/prefix/config -- for configuration, immutable files;
 * ~/prefix/data -- for valuable data
 * ~/prefix/cache -- for disposable data and other junk programs leaves
    after them
38bab261 — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
mh: automatically insert email signature

 * Tupfile: add new preload directives
 * prefix/libexec/mh/editor: non-invasively manage signature
 * .mmh/profile: add Editor entry
 * src/copy/.local/share/posix/mh (mhdraft): use new script directly.
   Somewhy I failed to make `comp -use' respect `Editor' value in profile.
04e87e16 — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
w3m: install cookie -> /dev/null symlink
d495692a — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
nix: copy config as whole instead of patches

Install own version of config.h when building custom version of `dwm'
instead of providing `patches' argument. This approach is more
convenient to work with, since editing patches is much more fragile
then editing just C header file.

Adjust build system as apporiate.
b70f8e88 — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
Include copied files ({copy} basket) into config.tar.gz
d7479ff1 — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
Simplify build system with GNU tar extension

Use of GNU tar option --xform allows rewrite build system from Lua
to native tup(1) syntax, greatly simplifying code.
0f561bac — Dmitry Bogatov 3 years ago
Merge branch 'build-system'

Now, archive config.tar.gz is constructed more reliable, with
ever member given explicitly at tar(1) command list.
d53f1db4 — Dmitry Bogatov 3 years ago
Copy config files via Tup
5c46746d — Dmitry Bogatov 3 years ago
Import dictionaries into repository

Files /usr/share/dict/{american-english, esperanto} are provided by
apporiate binary packages, but it is much simplier to save them in
the repository to keep external dependencies of config.tar.gz building
to zero (modulo tup(1)).
c675fd83 — Dmitry Bogatov 3 years ago
Incorporate __ansicolors_ into __config_tgz_

It was not good idea to put color.sh script into /etc directory. It
greatly complicates deployment of configuration files on system, when I
do not have administrative rights or would prefer to perform
administration as little as possible.

This patch removes __ansicolors_ type. Now generated config.tar.gz
is full self-contained.
b28010e8 — Dmitry Bogatov 3 years ago
New type: __config_tgz_

This type contains code related to generation and deploying config.tar.gz archive,
extracted from manifest/init.