community/swayr: upgrade to 0.20.0
community/font-jetbrains-mono: move from testing
testing/font-jetbrains-mono: add fontconfig configs
testing/font-jetbrains-mono: split NL variant to -nl subpkg
testing/font-jetbrains-mono: add -vf subpkg with variable font variant
testing/font-jetbrains-mono: rename from ttf-jetbrains-mono

Unify naming of the font packages.
ea7ac420 — Duncan Bellamy 4 months ago
community/py3-hatchling: upgrade to 1.6.0
ddd9415a — ptrcnull 4 months ago
community/ostree: upgrade to 2022.5
3c5769f4 — rubicon 4 months ago
community/fwupd: upgrade to 1.8.3
110f1a22 — ptrcnull 4 months ago
testing/vaultwarden: upgrade to 1.25.1
a6102440 — ptrcnull 4 months ago
community/py3-cachecontrol: upgrade to 0.12.11

switch to github tarballs to get proper tests
28ec54c0 — rubicon 4 months ago
testing/logwatch: upgrade to 7.7
55142dee — rubicon 4 months ago
testing/ocaml-cppo: modernize and adopt
149df77a — ptrcnull 4 months ago
main/py3-elementpath: upgrade to 3.0.1
f1cfcad6 — ptrcnull 4 months ago
community/postgis: upgrade to 3.2.2
community/lrzip: improve

- add nasm
- improve optimisation
- split away bash wrappers
testing/f_scripts: upgrade to 0.5
testing/flightgear: ensmallen debug symbols
main/spirv-tools: ensmallen debug symbols
main/kyua: ensmallen debug symbols