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# A walk in the woods

Today i had a nice walk in the woods in mid sjælland. A fantastic way of
distancing myself to COVID-19 and all.

The name of the woods is "Bidstrup Skovene" and is located south-west of lejre
in an area with a rich history from the viking times and the middle ages. 
Some of the walking paths are even remnants of old stone roads dating back to 
the middle ages.

I started my walk from a small parking lot [here](https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/55.56617/11.89857). 
It was beautiful drive from lejre to the parking lot that took me down small 
gravel/dirt roads.

Arriving at the parking lot i decided to follow the yellow marked walk of 7.5 
km. Described in the guide i picked up close to the parking lot. It turned out
it was wery poorly marked in the forest but luckily with a little sense of 
direction it's still possible to walk without modern gadgets.

<img src="https://images.sketchground.dk/blog/a-walk-in-the-woods/map.jpg"/>

The folder can also be found in danish [here](https://naturstyrelsen.dk/publikationer/turfoldere/midtsjaelland/bidstrup-skovene/)

I quickly reached what appeared to be mountainbike tracks going through the 
forest. That made me disappointed at first, but most of the tracks were luckily
not in use the day i was there.

<img src="https://images.sketchground.dk/blog/a-walk-in-the-woods/field.jpg"/>

After ~2km i reached Avnstrup which is used today as a center run by red cross
for people who has gotten their asylum denied and has to be returned to their
own country. It was a little depressing and i do feel sorry for the people who 
is just looking for a better life for them and their family. I cross my fingers 
that we do not end in such a situation where we desparately need to flee from 
our homelands to find a better life.

After Avnstrup which also had a lot of activity from a smaller MTB track, i 
headed in to the forest again and passed by some girls on horse back. What
a beautiful moss covered ground under the big pine trees i found in this area. 
A bit later i met a squirrel that was not exactly happy to see me. It had just 
crawled down from a tree when i passed by. I decided to stop and that seemed to
spook the squirrel. It climbed halfway back up the tree and stared at me.
After a good 10 seconds staring competition it started scolding me and crawled
higher up the tree. I said sorry and started walking again, which had the 
effect of the squirrel returning to the ground to bury its nut. 
I guess i was not allowed to see it's winter stash of nuts.

<img src="https://images.sketchground.dk/blog/a-walk-in-the-woods/green-carpet.jpg"/>
<img src="https://images.sketchground.dk/blog/a-walk-in-the-woods/grey-fog.jpg"/>

Other animal encounters on my walk consisted of a Parus major (musvit in danish)
couple and two curious deers standing near a forest opening.

At the end of my walk i reached Avnsø close to where i parked which is 
swimmable. There were 3 people next to the lake making a bonfire. My assumption
is that they had spent the night in the forest as it has a few primitive
shelters for the outdoor people..

It was a wonderful walk that i can highly recommend. It felt a little bit 
crowded at places. But about half the walk there were nobody but me and the
forests inhabitants.

Stay safe, enjoy and protect the nature. The nature works as medicine for our 

If you want more of this or just want to comment on it, you can contact me on
mastodon, twitter or plain email to jzs @ this domain.