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# Services that i pay for

A couple of years i decided to get as far away from facebook and google 
services as possible.

For facebook, i uninstalled all of their apps. Including instagram and whatsapp
when they aquired those startups. I do still have a facebook account, however
i only log in when i get an email that some friend writes to me on facebook.
This does not happen a lot anymore as they know i have moved elsewhere or get
annoyed by my long response times.

For google, i have left behind gmail and their search engine. Unfortunately i
am still a user of both an android phone and google maps since they are sitting
on a duopoly with apple on android auto/apple carplay. F*ckers...

For anything else i look for open source solutions or "honest" businesses to
run the services i need.

## The paid services

For email i went with Protonmail and has been with them for the last two years.
However i'm getting fed up with not having smtp/imap access which forces me to
their own clients. My subscription is coming to an end and i am seriously
looking at [migadu.com](https://www.migadu.com) for hosting. Albeit expensive, they seem honest and will
treat me as a customer and not a user.

My code hosting is currently hosted at [sourcehut.org](https://sourcehut.org) which is a bootstrapped
small shop that has strong opinions. It's open source and again i am quite 
certain that i am not being sold. I have not found out whether i'm donating
to them or if i am actually a customer though. Anyways. It's open source and
i could choose to self host if need be.

I currently have to VPS, one at Upcloud and one at [openbsd.amsterdam](https://openbsd.amsterdam). Upcloud
does seem like a regular startup which i do dislike. But they are based in 
helsinki which gives me some relief.
openbsd.amsterdam on the other hand is very genuine guys. Again it's a small
shop that delivers a service and donates to the openbsd foundation on the same

In all, i'm sick of startups. I am sick of businesses that only have growth in
mind and in so many cases treat people that pay for a service for 
"paying users" and not genuine customers.

For me Users are people who are being abused one way or another. There is a 
reason drug addicts are also called users and not customers...

## Conclusion

This ended up like one big rant about the startups and big tech. It's rotten
and unfortunately normal businesses are starting to adobt all these rotten
business practices.

I just want to be a genuine customer at a genuine business. And i do not mind
paying for a service if i am treated as a genuine customer.

Do not track me. Do not sell me. Do not collect more data on me than you need to. Do not make me a user.

It's not that difficult.