Handle local files, thanks binarycat!
Add plumber rule in README (thanks fulton)
From b9f54564d6fee7515b7a4981f2eef6c121bf7e0d
From: Fulton Browne <git@fulton.software>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2021 21:23:17 +0000
Subject: [PATCH] Added plumbto gemini listener

With code adapted from phil9's gopher, castor9 can now recive messages from the plumber via plumbto gemini.
Remove url->raw and use fmt, remove undescores from names
- a misordered nil check in saneurl()
- an fd leak in gemini_get()
- a lack of base url in gemini_get()
thanks Ori!
Add resettitle()
Can edit current URL
Add/Show bookmarks
Bookmark a page, refact current_url stuff
Remove castor.6
Move base_url in url.c
Move replace_char to util.c
Fix mailto: links and relative URLs starting with a /
Add some comments before refact
Fix absolute URLs parsing and mailto
897c1238 — Shawn Nock 2 years ago
Adds a few regression tests for parseurl
118b1392 — Shawn Nock 2 years ago
Fixes mailto: URI handling

Allows URIs without a host segment, such as mailto: to be correctly
parsed.  Also passes only the path of mailto urls to the plumber to
match the default rule.