Add forward button
Refactor history, add going forward
aec32347 — link2xt a month ago
bookmarks: simplify is_valid

This also fixes clippy warning, which suggests to use matches! macro.
1d733d03 — link2xt a month ago
Fix "clrf" typo

CR LF stands for "carriage return" and "line feed"
04afdd30 — Julien Blanchard 2 months ago
Remove unneeded clones
2210b43c — Julien Blanchard 2 months ago
[gopher] don't crash on schemes in text

"gemini:// " was crashing the link discovery
Update buttons layout
8e18e328 — Zane Ashby 3 months ago
Add refresh button (and shortcut)

Adds a refresh button after the back button, uses ctrl-r as shortcut key.
fb2362d8 — Zane Ashby 3 months ago
Fix crash when Gemini response is missing CLRF

Not sure why this happens, it may be a server bug or issue with the content that I was testing with.
Correct font configuration in the example config

Correct the [fonts.gemini] heading to [fonts.gemini.text] in the example
configuration shown in the README.md
bind mouse-back to go_back
Add max_width setting
Better ANSI color codes handling
Simpler parsing
Extract gopher links with linkify
Better text wrapping
Use official rust-openssl stuff
Support new Quote syntax, better text wrapping
640f265f — Julien Blanchard 4 months ago
Add current URL to history before redirect