Correct font configuration in the example config

Correct the [fonts.gemini] heading to [fonts.gemini.text] in the example
configuration shown in the README.md
bind mouse-back to go_back
Add max_width setting
Better ANSI color codes handling
Simpler parsing
Extract gopher links with linkify
Better text wrapping
Use official rust-openssl stuff
Support new Quote syntax, better text wrapping
640f265f — Julien Blanchard a month ago
Add current URL to history before redirect
0696a1eb — Julien Blanchard a month ago
Update deps
2e12557d — Julien Blanchard a month ago
Only match the mime type part of meta for now

Fixes rendering gemini://alexschroeder.ch for example
c9a5daa0 — Matthew Graybosch a month ago
Downgrading GTK minimum version to 3.18 to build on Slackware 14.2
Validate URL before adding to bookmarks

Fixes issue #20 (https://todo.sr.ht/~julienxx/Castor/20)

Throws an error dialog if URL is invalid before adding to bookmarks
e68f7fdd — tastytea a month ago
Fix Desktop entry.

“Browser” is not a valid value for “Categories”, the icon can not have a
file extension.

See also `desktop-file-validate` from desktop-file-utils and
59652a81 — Julien Blanchard a month ago 0.8.11
Don't crash on empty URLs
57f402e4 — Julien Blanchard a month ago 0.8.10
Fix for empty bookmark