Optimize binary size
Fix and update deps
Update README: Cursive mandates UTF-8
Fix bookmarks selection of the start page
Safely unwrap URL host

This commit fixes a crash that happens when the user attempts to
navigate to `gemini://'

With this fix, Asuka now displays an error message:

    Could not connect to :1965
    failed to lookup address information: Name or service not known
1fdbd94d — Luke Hsiao 3 years ago
Update crate version to match release tag

The latest tag is v0.8.1, but the crate tag is still v0.8.0. This fixes
the discrepancy.
76b90095 — Johann150 3 years ago
highlight full width
ae0aaad3 — Johann150 3 years ago
clean up text wrapping
ff483d9d — Johann150 3 years ago
update cursive
Update README and help message.
Fix line from previous commit that was accidentally removed.
Support specifying a URL on the command line.

This change will visit the first URL passed in on the command line.
handle quoted lines
a923db72 — Johann150 3 years ago
add secret input capability

This adds the secret input capability as specified for status code 11.
1c6d9adc — Arav K 3 years ago
Create a `History` structure

The goal is to move the history data out of global state and into the
user-data area provided by `cursive`.  This begins that process by
creating a self-contained structure for manipulating history.  For now,
the original module functions are provided.  Once the history structure
is embedded as user data, they will no longer be necessary.

This also changes behaviour slightly, by allowing all URLs in the
history stack to be popped off, thereby returning to the start page.
However, the content loading and drawing functions don't yet support
this, so nothing changes on the user end.
26daa0ef — Arav K 3 years ago
Add reload capability

This adds a reload button, with shortcut `r`, that reloads the current
page (if any).  This simply re-fetches the content and redraws the page
(which also resets the cursor position).
f62c618a — Arav K 3 years ago
Replace `absolute::make` with `Url::join`

`Url::join` implements all the functionality of `absolute::make` when it
is given the current URL as the base.  As such, the `absolute` module
has been removed in its entirety, and now-unused functions removed.

In addition, some functions have been transitioned to using `Url`s
instead of normal strings for URLs.
e21d90f0 — Julien Blanchard 3 years ago 0.8.1
Update crates
handle preformatted lines